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== Societies, Libraries and Museums  ==
== Societies, Libraries and Museums  ==
[https://wiki.familysearch.org/en/Monterey_California_Family_History_Center#Resources_in_the_Local_Area Monterey California Family History Center]
== Websites  ==
== Websites  ==

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United States > California > Monterey County

County Courthouse

Monterey Courthouse, 1200 Aguajito Rd, Monterey, CA 93940; (831) 647-5800
History - Monterey County Courthouse Completed 1878
The military and social capital of Alta California during Spanish and Mexican rule, the town of Monterey naturally became the county seat when the 27 original counties were formed in, 1850. But when it was learned that the railroad was to go through the valley and not along the coast, the government center was moved to Salinas. After the house used as a courthouse burned, this much larger brick Victorian building was commissioned. The courthouse remained in use while the current one was being constructed around it, and then was demolished. Today a courtyard, lily pond, and commemorative sculpture occupy the site.

Marina Courthouse, 3180 Del Monte Blvd, Marina, CA 93933; (831) 883-5300

King City Courthouse, 250 Franciscan Way, King City, CA 93930; (831) 386-5200

Salinas Courthouse, 240 Church St, Salinas, CA 93901; (831) 775-5400


Superior Court of California – County of Monterey
Case Lookup – Index
Probate Notes
Probate/Guardianship. Conservatorship Case Fillings

Court Records
Requesting Court Case File and Adjudicative Records (divorce, criminal, complaints, judgments, traffic tickets, case information) Mostly available at the clerk’s office at the court location where record was originally filed. Requests to inspect and copy case file and other adjudicative records prepared for or filed or used in a court proceeding may be made at the courthouse where they are filed. There is a copying fee of $0.50 per page, which must be paid in advance. Please direct requests for access to administrative records maintained by the Monterey County Superior Court to:
PUBLIC INFORMATION OFFICE Superior Court of California
County of Monterey 240 Church Street
Salinas, CA 93901
Phone: (831) 775-5400 x3020
Fax: (831) 775-5499

Quick Facts

Wikipedia has more about this subject: Monterey County, California

Parent County

18 February 1850: Monterey County was created as an original county. County seat: Salinas [1]

Boundary Changes

Record Loss


Populated Places

Big Sur
Carmel Highlands
Carmel Valley Village
Del Rey Oaks
Fort Hunter Liggett
Fort Ord
King City
Pacific Grove
Pebble Beach
San Ardo
San Benancio
San Lucas
Sand City

Neighboring Counties


Archives and Libraries


Castroville Public Cemetery District
8442 Moss Landing Road, Moss Landing, CA 95039
List of Burials - Contributed by Jodi Brewster (belukha6@yahoo.com) 5 Aug 2003 Updated 10 Jun 2003

Whitcher Family Cemetery
Monterey County Herald, CA June 6, 1999
Final resting place far from today’s uproars by Mary Barker

Gonzales Cemetery District
Highway 1 & S. Alto St., Gonzales, CA 93926

King City District Cemetery
1010 Broadway Street, King City, CA 93930
Place to document burials


Cementerio El Encinal and Monterey City Cemetery
Fremont at Camino Aguajito, Del Rey Oaks, CA 93940
list of burials http://freepages.history.rootsweb.ancestry.com/~westroot/cemetery/encinal.html

Mission Memorial Park
1915 Ord Grove Avenue, Sand City, CA 93955

Presidio of Monterey Cemetery, Presidio of Monterey
The Presidio of Monterey is located in the City of Monterey. It is an “Active Post” and it is closed to the public. The cemetery is located within the Presidio and is classified as “Inactive”, that is, all of the gravesites have been used or reserved prior to 1 May 1975 per Army Regulation 210-190. ACCESS TO THE PRESIDIO OF MONTEREY IS LIMITED TO ACTIVE MILITARY, RETIRED MILITARY, EMPLOYEES, AND SPONSORED GUESTS.
Information page http://freepages.history.rootsweb.ancestry.com/~westroot/cemetery/rpc.html
1. Presidio of Monterey, Monterey, Monterey County, CA by David Johnson, 4 Aug, 2005 (Part of California Tombstone Project)
2. Monterey County Herald, CA May 30, 2010
Event re-dedicates Presidio of Monterey Cemetery

Royal Presidio Chapel de San Carlos de Borromeo, Monterey, California
Information page

San Carlos Catholic Cemetery
792 Fremont Street, Del Rey Oaks, CA 93940
Place to document burials

El Carmelo Cemetery and the Little Chapel by-the-Sea
Asilomar Blvd, Pacific Grove, CA 93950
List of Burials - Contributed by: Kristina Magill <kam1242@attbi.com> 24 Sep 2002
Old list of burials, Updated 24 Sep. 2004
Full obits of burials – compiled by Mary S. Taylor, ongoing
List of burials compiled from diverse sources – compiled by Mary S. Taylor

1 Carmel Pine Cone, CA Dec. 16, 2010
P.G. Cemetery costs skyrocket
2. Cedar Street Times, Pacific Grove, CA Aug. 28, 2010
Darlene Billstrom is back in charge
3. Cedar Street Times, Pacific Grove, CA Aug. 28, 2010
El Carmelo Cemetery: Keeping it neat for the ages
4. Pacific Grove Hometown Bulletin, CA Jan. 18, 2006 p12
Board and Batten, Pacific Grove Heritage Society
El Carmelo Cemetery
(From the Dec 89/Jan 1990 Newsletter of the Pacific Grove Heritage Society.)
5. Carmel Pine Cone, CA March 9, 2005
Last Hometown adds 800 eternal bunk beds
6. Monterey Peninsula Herald, CA Jan. 5, 1963
New Partner in P.G. Mortuary
7. Monterey Peninsula Herald, CA May 29, 1947 p2
El Carmelo Cemetery Entrance Changed
8. Pacific Grove Tribune, CA June 1, 1945
El Carmelo Cemetery Transferred
Mutual Agreement Made By Cemetery Board And City

Queen of Heaven Cemetery & Mausoleum
18200 Damian Way, Prunedale, CA 93907

Garden of Memories Memorial Park (I.O.O.F.)
768 Abbot St., Salinas, CA 93901
List of Burials - Submitted by Val Hoover 26 Jul 2005
Place to document burials

Healey Mortuary and Crematory
405 N. Sanborn Road, Salinas, CA 93905

Old Calvary Catholic Cemetery
Salinas, Monterey County, CA
Index of Burials - Submitted by Val Hoover 26 Jul 2005

San Lucas Cemetery
Monterey County, CA
List of Burials - Submitted by Betsy Wood 15 Jan 2007

Soledad Cemetery District
1711 Metz Road, Soledad, CA 93960

Sands Cemetery, Monterey County, CA
All Markers in the Sands Cemetery were wooden and burned one summer when a fire swept through the area. There are some more recent stones in the Sands Cemetery but for the “old wooden markers” we only have word of mouth as to who is buried there & their approximate dates.
List of Burials - Submitted by Betsy Wood 13 Jan 2007

Pleyto (Pleito) Cemetery, Carmel Valley, Monterey County, CA
Pleyto or Pleito Cemetery was moved when the San Antonio Dam was built in 1967 and today it is called Cemetery Cove. (Part of CA Tombstone Project)
List of burials Submitted by Betsy Wood 13 Jan 2007

Church History and Records

LDS Ward and Branch Records

  • Monterey
  • Pacific Grove
  • Salinas

Court Records


Land and Property


Military History and Records


(note: some of these dates may be off due to incomplete holdings lists and variations in titles of the newspapers)

Big Sur Gazette (1978-1981)

Carmel Californian (1936-1937)
Carmel Cottager (1934)
Carmel Cymbal (1926-1941)
Carmel Cymbal and Masten’s Gazette (1941-1942)
Carmel, Pebble Beach, Carmel Valley Spectator (1949)
Carmel Pine Cone (1915-present)
Carmel Pine Cone and Carmel Valley Outlook (1981-1993)
Carmel Pine Cone Cymbal (1942-1962)
Carmel Spectator (1949-1955)
Carmel Sun (1992-1994)
Carmel Valley News (1951-1955)
Carmel Valley Sun (1983-1990)
Carmel Valley Outlook (1979-1981)
Carmel Valley Weekly Sun (1990-1993)
Carmel Village Daily (1933)
Masten’s Gazette (1941)
Paisano (1948)
Peninsula Spectator (1959)
Spectator (1949-1950)

Castroville News (1936-1942)
Castroville Times (1950-1952)
Castroville Times Journal (1950)
Castroville Times and Moss Landing Harbor News (1952-1975)
North County News (1975-1982)

Fort Ord Panorama (1980-1982)

Gonzales Tribune (1956-1991)

Greenfield News (1952-1991)

King City Rustler (1901-1997)
Rustler and King City Herald (1961-1964)
Semi Weekly Rustler (1936-1937)

Marina Tribune (1981-1982)
Marina Weekly Tribune (1979)

Army News (1904)
At Ease (1990)
Monterey American (1913-1916)
Monterey Argus (1887-1888)
Monterey Bay Labor News 1955-1985
Monterey Bay News (1947-1950)
Monterey Bay and Pacific Grove/Pebble Beach Tribune (1985)
Monterey Bay Tribune (1985-1987)
Monterey County Herald (1992-present)
Monterey County Journal (1864)
Monterey County Post (1929-1933)
Monterey Daily Cypress 1889-1922)
Monterey Democrat (1868-1889)
Monterey Enterprise (?)
Monterey Evening Herald (1909-1910)
Monterey Gazette (1863-1868)
Monterey Herald (1986-1992)
Monterey Labor News (1937)
Monterey New Era (1890-1909)
Monterey News Daily and Monterey Trader (1940)
Monterey Peninsula Herald (1929-1992)
Monterey Sentinel (1855-1856)
Monterey Trader (1933-1951)
Monterey Union (1862)
Montereyan (1951-1955)
Peninsula Advocate (1910-1911)
Peninsula Daily Herald (1927-1929)
Peninsula Daily Herald and Monterey Daily Cypress and Monterey American (1923-1927)
Peninsula Merchants’ Semi-Monthly Bulletin (1915-1916)

Pacific Grove Beacon (1994-1995)
Pacific Grove Daily Review (1892-1926)
Pacific Grove Monarch (1987-1992)
Pacific Grove News (1916)
Pacific Grove/Pebble Beach Tribune (1976-1984)
Pacific Grove Progress (1916)
Pacific Grove Review (1888-1912)
Pacific Grove Tide (1936-1943)
Pacific Grove Tribune (1943-1951, 1984-1985)
Pacific Grove Weekly Tribune (1978-1979)
Peninsula Pelican (1925)
Peninsular Review and Pacific Grove Daily Review (1926-1932)

Monterey County Labor News (1942-1954)
Monterey County Post (1929-1933)
North Monterey County Fortnighter (1983-1989)
Owl (1894)
Salinas Californian (1942-present)
Salinas Daily Index (1894-1928)
Salinas Daily Journal (1889-1897)
Salinas Daily Post and Monterey County Post (1933-1942)
Salinas Democrat (1889-1896)
Salinas Index (1895-1904)
Salinas Index Journal (1928-1942)
Salinas Index Weekly (1873-1925)
Salinas Labor News (1937-1942)
Salinas Morning Post (1936-1942)
Salinas Standard (1869-1872)
Salinas Valley Rustler (1906-1923)
Salinas Valley Settler (1889)
Salinas Village Crier (1942)
Salinas Weekly Index (1883-1895)
Salinas Weekly Journal (1867-1915

Free Weekly Sentinel (1987)
Right-On Post (1970)
Seaside News Sentinel (1950-1970)
Seaside Post (1969-1970)
Seaside Post News Sentinel (1970-1988)
Seaside Post Sentinel (1970)
Seaside Sentinel (1988-1996)
Seaside Weekly Sentinel (1987-1988)

Spreckles Courier (1909-1914)

Watsonville Rustler (1888-1897)

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• Carmel Pine Cone, Carmel http://www.pineconearchive.com/
• Monterey County Herald, Monterey http://www.montereyherald.com/news
• Monterey County Weekly, Monterey http://www.montereycountyweekly.com/
• Monterey County News Topix http://www.topix.com/county/monterey-ca
• Cedar Street Times, Pacific Grove http://www.cedarstreettimes.com/
• Pacific Grove Hometown Bulletin http://www.pgbulletin.com/archives.php
• King City Rustler http://www.kingcityrustler.com/v2_main_page.php
• Salinas Californian http://www.thecalifornian.com/apps/pbcs.dll/frontpage
• South County News – Gonzales, Greenfield, King City, Soledad http://southcounty.kionrightnow.com/

Probate Records


Vital Records

Voters Records

The following is a list of original voter registration records recently transferred from Monterey County Elections Department to the Monterey County Historical Society archival facility in Salinas. To access records, see: http://www.mchsmuseum.com/

Great Register of Voters:
Ledger Books:
1866-1870 1 book
1870 1 book
1881-1883,1886,1888,1890 1 book
1892 (Vol. 1, Vol. 2) 2 books
1896 (Vol. 1, Vol. 2) 2 books
1898 (Vol. 3) 2 books
1900 (Vol. 1,Vol. 2) 2 books
1902 (Vol. 1, Vol. 2) 2 books
1904 (Vol. 1, Vol.2) 2 books
1906-1907 (Vol. 1, Vol. 2) 2 books
1908-1909 (A-L, M-Z) 2 books
1910-1911 (A-L, M-Z) 2 books
1912-1913 (A-L, M-Z) 4 books
1914-1915 (A-L, M-Z) 2 books

Scattered records:
Voter affidavits*:
1922-23 (Affidavits, Pleyto precinct)
1930-31 (Affidavits, Blanco precinct)

Indexes (no voter affidavits):
1938, August primary (Greenfield precincts No.1 and No. 2)

Description of collection:
The ledger books1  titled Great Register of Voters are the original handwritten manuscripts kept by the County Clerk’s (Registrar of Voters) office of the County of Monterey beginning in 1866.2 The entries are made in alphabetical sections (with alpha sub-sections) and show chronological appearance of voters as they were sworn and registered to vote. The entries include place of nativity (birthplace); age of voter; place of residence (post office or precinct); date and place of naturalization, if applicable; whether citizen by virtue of Treaty of Hildago or citizen by virtue of father’s naturalization (and in later years a woman’s citizenship status by marriage); occupation; date of appearance to be sworn; and date of registration. Later registration data includes a physical description of the voter and party affiliation. The Registrar of Voters also appended notes to the entries to indicate reasons for cancellation whether due to removal to another county or state, transfer to another county due to change of boundary lines (i.e. to San Benito County in 1874), death, incarceration or “Section 1106” (failure to vote). These notations usually contained dates if known. Copies of the list of voters not thus cancelled, were made every two years and sometimes more frequently if a special election occurred (polling lists). These copies of uncancelled voters were sent to the state and other repositories on a routine basis. Microfilm of these typeset lists is available at the California State Library in Sacramento, California, and other repositories.3

These original handwritten Great Register ledger books have not been microfilmed or transcribed. There was a partial transcription done of the 1890 Great Register as part of a census substitute project4 but the transcription does not include cancellation information.

Note: The Great Register books contain information for years other than marked on the book spines. For example, the 1866-1870 Great Register contains several entries made after 1870 when cancellations were noted and the 1890 Great Register shows voter registration dates which occurred years earlier.

  • Voter affidavits are registration forms signed by the voters and contain birth date, birth place, residence address, occupation, party affiliation and sometimes cancellation information.
  • List of records
1 Some years are missing.
2 Beginning in the year 1866, California state law required a list of voters to be kept.
3 Monterey County (California) County Clerk. Great Register of Voters 1867, 1869, 1872,
  1875-1876, 1879-1880, 1884, 1886, 1888, 1890, 1892, 1894, 1896, 1898. 
 (Salt Lake City: Filmed by the Genealogical Society of Utah, 1975).
4 Bettyann Lockwood Hedegard, ed., 1890 great register of Monterey County, California.
 (Salinas, CA: Monterey County Genealogy Society, c1993).

Courtesy of Junel Davidsen 

Societies, Libraries and Museums

Monterey California Family History Center



  1. The Handybook for Genealogists: United States of America,10th ed. (Draper, UT:Everton Publishers, 2002).