Montana Superintendency of Indian Affairs

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The Montana Superintendency of Indian Affairs was established in . After the Superintendency was abolished in


The records of the Montana Superintendency relate to most aspects of Indian affairs in its area, including negotiation and enforcement of treaties, Indian migration and subsistence, removal of Indians, annuity and other payments to Indians, location of agencies, traders and licenses, suppression of liquor traffic, hostilities and military operations, depredation claims, construction and repair of buildings, purchase and trasnportation of goods and supplies, employees, and accounts.

Agencies in the correspondence and tribes served by them were the Blackfeet Agency for Blackfoot, Piegan, Blood (Kainah), and Grosventre Indians; Flathead Agency for the Flathead, Upper Pend d'Oreilles, and Kutenai Indians; Crow Agency for Crow Indians; Milk River Agency for Grosventre and Assiniboin Indians but aiding to some extent Northern Cheyenne, Arapaho, Shoshoni, Santee, Yankton, Yanktonai and Teton Indians; Lemhi Agency for Bannock, Shoshoni, and Tukuarika Indians.


Records of the Montana Superintendent of Indian Affairs, 1867-1873, are at the National Archives and have been microfilmed as their Microcopy Number M833. Copies are also available at the Denver and  Seattle Regional Archives. This set of microfilm of the records of the Montana Superintendency is also available at the Family History Library and its family history centers.

Letters received by the Office of Indian Affairs from the Montana Superintendency, 1864-1880, have been microfilmed by the National Archives as part of their Microcopy Number M234. Copies are available at the National Archives and at the Family History Library and its family history centers on their microfilm roll numbers 1661218 thru 1661248.


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