Montana Minorities

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United States  Gotoarrow.png  Montana  Gotoarrow.png  Minorities

Records and histories of minorities and ethnic groups may provide clues to immigrant origins, migration information, and previous research. Research on minorities for the most part consists of consulting the same types of records for non-minorities.

The purpose of this section is to identify a few of those sources that influence minority research in Montana. See the United States Minorities article for sources and suggestions for searching minorities.

Montana Ethnic Groups

The following ethinic groups are found in Montana:

  • The Basque
  • African Americans
    • Africans
  • Chinese
  • Danes
  • Finns
  • Germans
  • Hispanic Americans
    • Mexicans
  • Indians of North America
  • Japanese
  • Irish
  • Norwegians
  • Russians
  • Swedes