Mohave County, Nevada Genealogy

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United States Gotoarrow.png Nevada Gotoarrow.png Mohave County

Mohave County still is a county in the northwest corner of Arizona. It was formed by the Arizona legislature in 1864 from the 2nd Judicial District. Part of Mohave County at first included the land west of the Colorado River that now makes up southern Nevada mostly in Clark County.

On 22 December 1865 the Arizona legislature carved Pah-Ute County out of the northwest side Mohave County. The part of Pah-Ute County south of the 37° north latitude and west of 114° west longitude down to the Colorado River was given by the U.S. Congress on 18 January 1867 to Nevada.[1] The former Mohave County and former Pah-Ute County land in Nevada was used to form Clark County, and the southern parts of Lincoln and Nye counties.

  • Mohave County was created in 1864 from the 2nd Judicial District of Arizona
  • Pah-Ute County on 22 December 1865 was created by Arizona out of the northwest part Mohave County.
  • A large portion of Pah-Ute County 18 January 1867 was given to southern Nevada.
  • The remainder of Pah-Ute County on 18 February 1871 was restored to Mohave County by Arizona.

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