Missouri Territory in the War of 1812

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Federal Records

Service Records

Missouri Military records, 1812 - 1904 Includes (1) the Seminole War of 1837, Mexican War, War of 1812, Mormon War, Civil War, Iowar War, Heatherly War and Black Hawk War.

Pension Records

War of 1812 pensioners, Missouri : transcribed from Government Printing Office material, 1883 (Gregath Publishing Company, Eastern Division, 1983) pages 222.  FHL 977.8 M2

McGhee, Lucy Kate: Missouri Revolutionary Soldiers, War of 1812, and Indian Wars- pension list (Logan Utah FHC) FHL Book Mo M24M

State Records

Rolls of Honor

Biographical Sketches

Soldiers Homes

Cemetery Records

Internet Sites

Other Sources


Internet Sites