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Atlases that can aid your research in Missouri are:

  • Campbell, Robert Allen. Campbell's New Atlas of Missouri. St. Louis, Missouri: N.p., n.d. (Family History Library film 989447 item 2.)
  • Rafferty, Milton D. Historical Atlas of Missouri. Norman, Oklahoma: University of Oklahoma Press, 1981. (Family History Library book 977.8 E7r; film 1598423 item 4.)
  • City ward maps of Kansas City, Missouri (1884, 1888, and 1890) and St. Louis, Missouri (1859, 1870, 1882, and 1891) are on Family History Library film 1377700; fiche 6016664-6 (Kansas City), fiche 6016759-62 (St. Louis). These can help you determine the ward of residence for census searches.
  • Large collections of maps and atlases are available at the University of Missouri, St. Louis Public Library, and St. Louis University. A helpful guide is Paul D. Selby, Bibliography of Missouri County Histories and Atlases, 2d ed. (Kirksville, Missouri: Northeast Missouri State Teachers College, 1966; Family History Library book 977.8 A1 No. 145).

St. Louis Public Library owns a large collection of Missouri maps and atlases, some of which are housed in the Map Room, and some in the History & Genealogy Department:

1. 1:024,000 scale USGS Maps- Map Room
2. 1:062,500 scale USGS Maps (ca. 1930s- incomplete)- Map Room
3. 1:063,360 scale USGS Maps (Alaska only)- Map Room
4. 1:100,000 scale USGS Maps- Map Room
5. 1:125,000 scale USGS Maps (ca. 1890s- incomplete)- Map Room
6. 1:250,000 scale USGS Maps- Map Room
7. 1:500,000 scale USGS Maps (covers entire state)- Map Room
8. Atlases in book form- HG Dept.
9. Atlases in book form- Stacks
10. CIA Base Maps, most major countries- HG Dept.
11. Country sheet maps (current), most countries- HG Dept.
12. County atlases (book form), some IL and MO counties- HG Dept.
13. FEMA Flood Insurance Maps (metro-area)- Map Room
14. Foreign cities (major)- HG Dept.
15. Foreign topos of genealogically significant places- HG Dept.
16. Gazetteers of the United States & most foreign countries- HG Dept.
16. Geologic maps (some coverage)- Map Room
17. Illinois (current) 7.5 minute USGS Maps (metro-area)- HG Dept.
18. Illinois (current) 7.5 minute USGS Maps (out of area)- HG Dept.
19. Illinois metro-area topos (older)- Map Room
20. Missouri (current) 7.5 minute USGS Maps- HG Dept.
21. Missouri county highway maps (current)- HG Dept.
22. Missouri highway (road) maps- HG Dept.
23. Missouri metro-area topos (older)- Map Room
24. National Park Service Maps of NPS Lands- HG Dept.
25. NIMA Special Series Maps (JOGs, ONCs, TPCs, etc.)- Map Room
26. Older maps (miscellaneous)- Map Room
27. Sanborn Fire Insurance Maps (book format)- SLAS Dept.
28. Sanborn Fire Insurance Maps (microfilm)- HG Dept.
29. Sanborn Fire Insurance Maps (sheet)- Special Collections Dept.
30. St. Louis atlases & maps (current)- SLAS Dept.
31. St. Louis atlases & maps (historical)- SLAS Dept.
32. St. Louis ward maps (historical)- HG Dept.
32. Street maps (current), larger US cities- HG Dept.
33. USDA Forest Service Maps- Map Room
34. U.S. G.S. Topographic maps, United States- HG Dept. & Map Room
35. U.S. G.S. Topographic maps, United States (indexes)- HG Dept.

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Printable maps are also available from the National Atlas of the United States -- http://nationalatlas.gov/printable.html