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Atlases that can aid your research in Missouri are:

  • Campbell, Robert Allen. Campbell's New Atlas of Missouri. St. Louis, Missouri: N.p., n.d. (Family History Library film 989447 item 2.)
  • Rafferty, Milton D. Historical Atlas of Missouri. Norman, Oklahoma: University of Oklahoma Press, 1981. (Family History Library book 977.8 E7r; film 1598423 item 4.)
  • City ward maps of Kansas City, Missouri (1884, 1888, and 1890) and St. Louis, Missouri (1859, 1870, 1882, and 1891) are on Family History Library film 1377700; fiche 6016664-6 (Kansas City), fiche 6016759-62 (St. Louis). These can help you determine the ward of residence for census searches.
  • Large collections of maps and atlases are available at the University of Missouri, St. Louis Public Library, and St. Louis University. A helpful guide is Paul D. Selby, Bibliography of Missouri County Histories and Atlases, 2d ed. (Kirksville, Missouri: Northeast Missouri State Teachers College, 1966; Family History Library book 977.8 A1 No. 145).

St. Louis Public Library owns a large collection of Missouri maps and atlases, some of which are housed in the Map Room, and some in the History & Genealogy Department:

1. 1:024,000 scale USGS Maps- Map Room
2. 1:062,500 scale USGS Maps (ca. 1930s- incomplete)- Map Room
3. 1:063,360 scale USGS Maps (Alaska only)- Map Room
4. 1:100,000 scale USGS Maps- Map Room
5. 1:125,000 scale USGS Maps (ca. 1890s- incomplete)- Map Room
6. 1:250,000 scale USGS Maps- Map Room
7. 1:500,000 scale USGS Maps (covers entire state)- Map Room
8. Atlases in book form- HG Dept.
9. Atlases in book form- Stacks
10. CIA Base Maps, most major countries- HG Dept.
11. Country sheet maps (current), most countries- HG Dept.
12. County atlases (book form), some IL and MO counties- HG Dept.
13. FEMA Flood Insurance Maps (metro-area)- Map Room
14. Foreign cities (major)- HG Dept.
15. Foreign topos of genealogically significant places- HG Dept.
16. Gazetteers of the United States & most foreign countries- HG Dept.
16. Geologic maps (some coverage)- Map Room
17. Illinois (current) 7.5 minute USGS Maps (metro-area)- HG Dept.
18. Illinois (current) 7.5 minute USGS Maps (out of area)- HG Dept.
19. Illinois metro-area topos (older)- Map Room
20. Missouri (current) 7.5 minute USGS Maps- HG Dept.
21. Missouri county highway maps (current)- HG Dept.
22. Missouri highway (road) maps- HG Dept.
23. Missouri metro-area topos (older)- Map Room
24. National Park Service Maps of NPS Lands- HG Dept.
25. NIMA Special Series Maps (JOGs, ONCs, TPCs, etc.)- Map Room
26. Older maps (miscellaneous)- Map Room
27. Sanborn Fire Insurance Maps (book format)- SLAS Dept.
28. Sanborn Fire Insurance Maps (microfilm)- HG Dept.
29. Sanborn Fire Insurance Maps (sheet)- Special Collections Dept.
30. St. Louis atlases & maps (current)- SLAS Dept.
31. St. Louis atlases & maps (historical)- SLAS Dept.
32. St. Louis ward maps (historical)- HG Dept.
32. Street maps (current), larger US cities- HG Dept.
33. USDA Forest Service Maps- Map Room
34. U.S. G.S. Topographic maps, United States- HG Dept. & Map Room
35. U.S. G.S. Topographic maps, United States (indexes)- HG Dept.

United States Census Bureau State and County Map.  This map will allow you to zoom in on any state or county in the United States and read the names of all of the neighboring counties.

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Printable maps are also available from the National Atlas of the United States -- http://nationalatlas.gov/printable.html