Mississippi History

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The following important events in the history of Mississippi affected political boundaries, record keeping, and family movements.

1699: The French established a settlement called Fort Maurepas on Biloxi Bay, Mississippi.

1716: Fort Rosalie, now Natchez, was established by the French on the Mississippi River.

1763: France ceded its claims to the Mississippi region to Great Britain.

1783: Britain ceded the Gulf Coast area to Spain. The rest of the Mississippi region was claimed by Georgia. The boundary was in dispute until 1795, when it was set at the 31st parallel, about sixty miles north of the coast.

1789-1794: The Georgia legislature authorized the Yazoo land sales. Hundreds of people moved from the Atlantic Coast states to the Mississippi area.

1798: Congress organized the Mississippi Territory. Georgia abandoned claims to the northern portion in 1802, and the Gulf Coast portion was acquired from Spain during the War of 1812. (April 7,) Mississippi became a territory

1805: Choctaw Indian land cession

1816: Chickasaw Indian land cession

1817: (December 10,)The eastern part of the Mississippi Territory was organized as the Territory of Alabama. Mississippi became a state.

1820: Choctaw Indian land cession

1830: The Treaty of Dancing Rabbit Creek, Choctaw Indians gave up more than 10 million acres of land in Alabama and Mississippi to the U.S. The Choctaw had aided Genreal Andrew Jackson in his war against the Creek Nation.  The Choctaw were removed to southeaster (present day) Oklahoma.

1830's:  Renoval of the Choctaw to Oklahoma

1832: Chickasaw Indiand land cession

1861: Mississippi seceded from the Union. It was readmitted in 1870.

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