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Parque Valles del Tuy, Av. Perimetral de Charallave, Sector Alvarenga, Charallave
Teléfonos: +58-39-98.1403 / 0206, FAX: +58-39-98.0264

Cementerio Metropolitano Jardines del Cercado, Antigua Hacienda “El Cercado”, Mampote,
Guarenas, Miranda
Teléfono: +58-2-762.9871/0916 +58-36-22.6696, FAX: +58-2-762.3897

Cementerio Jardín de los Recuerdos, vía Guaracarumbo, Los Teques, Miranda
Teléfono: +58-32-74.094 / 32.7198 / 47.229

Antiguo Cementerio Jardín Monumental
Vea Cementerio Jardín de los Recuerdos

Cementerio Municipal de Baruta, Calle Sucre, Baruta, Miranda

Cementerio Municipal del Hatillo, Pueblo El Hatillo, Miranda

Cementerio Municipal Los Teques, Calle Falcón a Junín, Los Teques, Miranda
Teléfonos: +58-32-267.2048 / 31.2048

Cementerio Lomas de Pádua, San Antonio de los Altos, Miranda
Teléfonos: +58-32-

Funeral Homes

Follow this link to the Funeral Homes in this state.

(If you would like to help in the collection and transcription of obituaries from Venezuela, send us an email to coordinate the effort)

Follow this link to the Online Index of Venezuela Obituaries on line

Other Internet Resources

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Phone Numbers (White and Yellow Pages): If you have been able to determine the city where the person lives, you can use the CANTV online query; Click on the tab “PERSONAS”, select the city from the list and write the surname in the field “Apellido”.

Postal Zip Codes: pick the entity from the list and click on “Buscar