Middlesex Compiled Genealogies

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Please add any information on Genealogy sources for Middlesex County England

Blackwell, Stuart.  Descendants of Philip Henry - Puriton Divine, 1631-96.  A brief discussion of Philip Henry.  Surnames of descendants are Boult, Bickersteth, Greg, Hardware, Henry, Hulton, Kendrick, Lee, Lightbody, Melly, Pares, Radford, Rathbone, Robinson, Roe, Rogers, Savage, Swanwick, Tylston, Warburton, and Woollatt.  Covering years 1631-1844, Westminster, Whitehall.  Article in magazine, Hel Achau, #15, Spring 1985, page 14. Family History Library Ref. 943.93 D25h