Mexico Church Records

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Church Records Online

72 million new names were added to the Mexico Baptism collection online. These records contain transcribed Mexico parish records dating from 1659 to 1905 and also contains records from the Middle America Vital Records Index--Mexico that was published in 1999 on CD only. Visit Record Search to view these records.

Roman Catholic Church Records

The Roman Catholic Church records are the most important records for genealogical research in Mexico. The vast majority of Mexicans were Catholic and registered in the records of the local parish or diocese, known as registros parroquiales (parish registers). The most commonly used records include:

Often two and sometimes three generations are indicated in the registers, with personal information on the family given.

In addition, records may include church censuses, account books, and other church-related records (See Other Ecclesiastical Records article). Church records are crucial, since civil authorities did not begin registering vital statistics until after 1859. For civil vital records of births, deaths, and marriages after 1859, see the Civil Registration section.

After 1859, one should search in both church and civil records, since there may be information in one that does not appear in the other. For instance, the church records may only list the godparents, while the civil records may list the grandparents.

For additional information on Catholic Church records in Mexico click here.

Other Church Records

It was not until the late 19th century before other sects such as the Mennonites and other Protestant denominations began to establish themselves in Mexico. Their records are not easy to access. For more information about the various churches in Mexico, see the articles on "Church History" and "History."