Mexico Catholic Church Confirmation Records

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Confirmation Records Introduction

Confirmation records were not consistently recorded. Larger parishes usually maintained a separate book for confirmations, and smaller parishes intermingled confirmation entries with those for baptisms. Confirmations were normally performed by the bishop or his authorized representative when they managed to visit the parish. In some parishes, confirmations were performed every year, but in the smaller parishes where it was difficult for the bishop or his representative to visit, the confirmations would take place once every few years, explaining why records show that several members of the family were confirmed at the same time.

  • The value of the confirmation record is primarily to identify the information found in other vital records.

Information in Conformation Records

Confirmation entries normally include the following:

  • Name of the parish
  • The individual being confirmed, the godparents, and the parents.
Mexico Tlaxcala ccr confirmation.jpg
Click on the image to see a sample confirmation record along with its transcription.