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[http://www.mesarfhc.org/ Web Page  for Mesa FamilySearch.]  
[http://www.mesarfhc.org/ Web Page  for Mesa FamilySearch.]  
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=== Contact Information  ===
=== Contact Information  ===
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*'''Friday''' 10am - 6pm  
*'''Friday''' 10am - 6pm  
=== Schedule of Classes  ===
:'''Classes are free.'''<br>Classes are held daily and taught by volunteers and missionaries at the Library. The Library uses class rooms at the Training Center which is located at 464 E. 1st Avenue, just west of the Temple.<br>The Training Center Class Schedule is updated regularly and is on the main Mesa FamilySearch Library Website.
:[http://mesarfhc.org/classes_workshops.html Class Schedules]
=== General Resources  ===
:*45 computers and 2 film/fiche readers
:*Free access to subscription based Internet web sites, Including FamilySearch.org, Ancestry.com, Footnote, HeritageQuest, AmericanAncestors.org (formerly New England Historic Genealogical Society), World Vital Records, Godfrey Memorial Library and many other sites.
:*[[Pedigree Resource File]] CDs
:*Over 70 Commercial CDs with genealogical research data.
:*Over 5,000 to 10,000 Books, including many digital books. [http://mesarfhc.org/digital_books_index.html Index of the Digital Books]
:*Over 400 rolls of microfilm and 1,000 microfiche.
:*Copiers and printers are available.
:*Genealogy software programs, forms, research outlines, word lists, etc., available at cost.
:*Free Classes and Workshops --- Over 90 classes and workshops scheduled each month.
:*Research Specialty Committees.
:*Workshops -- with 45 computers at the Family History Training Center, 464 E. 1st Avenue for hands-on-training. See current class topics being taught below.
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=== Library Catalog  ===
:The books and other resources (film, fiche, maps, CDs) of the Mesa FamilySearch Library can be searched through the library catalog:
::[http://mesarfhc.org/search/search_catalog.asp Mesa AZ FamilySearch Library Catalog] with author, title/keyword, content, subjects, or call number.<br><br>Also, you can search for microfilm and microfiche by number to see if it is digitized from the FamilySearch Catalog. Please see the [[Introduction to the FamilySearch Catalog]]
=== Unique Resources  ===
:The Mesa FamilySearch Library has maintained several online resources of a local nature. These resources include the following:
::*[http://mesarfhc.org/search/azobits.htm Mesa&nbsp;FamilySearch Library Arizona Obituary Search]: The Arizona Obituary Search allows you to search through a partial listing of obituaries published in Arizona newspapers. This is an index only. For original obituaries, go to the indicated newspaper. [Note: The [http://www.mesalibrary.org/Home.aspx City of Mesa Public Library] also maintains a microfilm copy of the [http://www.legacy.com/obituaries/azcentral/ Arizona Republic Newspaper] and charges $15.00 per obituary search request. The City of Mesa Public Library performs obituary searches only for persons whose obituary appeared in the Arizona Republic newspaper. An index to obituaries from 1997 appearing in the [http://www.eastvalleytribune.com/obits/ East Valley Tribune] is available online. Microfilm copies of the East Valley Tribune and its predecessor newspapers for most years back to 1893 are available only at the Mesa Public Library Main Library.]
::*[http://www.findagrave.com/cgi-bin/fg.cgi?page=cr&CRid=2171898&CScn=mesa+city+cemetery&CScntry=4&CSst=5& Interment search in the Mesa City Cemetery]. This resource is a listing of most of the burials in the Mesa City Cemetery through Find a Grave.
::*http://genealogy.az.gov/ (Arizona Births and Deaths). You can search for births that occurred 75 years ago and deaths that occurred 50 years ago.
=== Digital Books  ===
:The Mesa FamilySearch&nbsp;Library&nbsp;has an extensive collection of digitized books online. Including some books not available anywhere else. These books are mostly listed in the regular catalog with a link to the individual books, but there is also an index.
:[http://mesarfhc.org/digital_book_by_call_no.html Index of digital books by call number].
You should also check the [http://familysearch.org FamilySearch.org] Books catalog where many of the Mesa FamilySearch Library books are also available.
=== What We Do  ===
:*Provide Research Help. We do not perform the research for patrons, but we answer questions and suggest possible sources. Come to our reference desk.
:*[http://www.mesarfhc.org/research_help.html Provide Training]. See the schedule of classes listed above.
:*[http://www.mesarfhc.org/youth_tours.html Conduct Tours]. Tours of the center are available during our regular hours for groups of all ages. Call ahead to reserve a time for Youth Tours and discuss the goals of the tour. Call to schedule a tour. 
:*Assist in cleaning up data files.
:*Provide Service Opportunities for missionaries and volunteers. (Call <span class="skype_c2c_print_container notranslate">480-964-1200</span><span data-ismobile="false" data-isrtl="false" data-isfreecall="false" data-numbertype="paid" data-numbertocall="+14809641200" onclick="SkypeClick2Call.MenuInjectionHandler.makeCall(this, event)" onmouseout="SkypeClick2Call.MenuInjectionHandler.hideMenu(this, event)" onmouseover="SkypeClick2Call.MenuInjectionHandler.showMenu(this, event)" tabindex="-1" dir="ltr" class="skype_c2c_container notranslate" id="skype_c2c_container"><span skypeaction="skype_dropdown" dir="ltr" class="skype_c2c_highlighting_inactive_common"><span id="non_free_num_ui" class="skype_c2c_textarea_span"><span class="skype_c2c_free_text_span" /></span></span></span>)
:*Research and Geographic Committees
:The missionaries and volunteers at the Mesa FamilySearch Library are organized into committees by research interests and geographical areas. Each of the committees has a basic introduction to its area of expertise called a Quick Start. Quick Starts are short statements about how to start doing research on a particular subject or in a particular geographic area.
:Below are each of the committee's mission statements and links to its QuickStarts. <br>
==== Land/Probate  ====
:The committee teaches research techniques for finding land and probate records in both federal and state jurisdictions. These records often contain detailed family relationship information.
::*[http://www.mesarfhc.org/quick_starts/Land-Probate/land_records_quickstart.html Land Records: Individuals to Individuals Quick Start]
::*[http://www.mesarfhc.org/quick_starts/Land-Probate/state_land_grant.html Land Records: State-Land States to Individuals]
::*[http://mesarfhc.org/quick_starts/Land-Probate/federal_land_grant.html Land from Federal Government to Individual]
::*[http://mesarfhc.org/quick_starts/Land-Probate/probate_records_quickstart.html Probate Records Quick Start]
==== LDS Ancestor Research  ====
:The LDS Ancestor Research Committee assists patrons in finding their LDS ancestors. Many records are available from the early days of the LDS Church to the present day. Some of these records include membership records, LDS passenger immigration lists, pioneer journals, travel logs of handcart and wagon trains, Bishop’s reports, histories, newspapers, cemetery and burial records. The Quick Start will direct patrons to many useful sources.
::[http://mesarfhc.org/quick_starts/LDS_Records/lds_records_quick_start.html LDS Ancestor Research]
==== British Isles  ====
:The British Isles committee helps and assists patrons research their ancestors in England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland. Assistance may include searching the three major research sources for these countries, which are Census Records, Civil Registration and Church Records. Information that can be found in these records are; parents name, children, age, occupation, birth, marriage, death, burial and immigration dates. For additional help, please select the Quick Start below that applies to the area you are researching.
::*[http://www.mesarfhc.org/quick_starts//British%20Isles/england_wales.html England &amp; Wales Quick Start]
::*[http://www.mesarfhc.org/quick_starts/British%20Isles/Ireland_Quick_Start.html Ireland Quick Start]
::*[http://www.mesarfhc.org/quick_starts/British%20Isles/scotland.html Scotland Quick Start]
==== German  ====
:[http://www.mesarfhc.org/quick_starts/German%20Records/german_research.html German Research Quick Start]
==== Military  ====
:All of the Military Quick Starts link to a PDF file directly from the Quick Start link page on the Mesa FamilySearch Library Website. Please go to the link page by clicking on one of the entries below:
::*[http://mesarfhc.org/quick_starts/military/New_Revolutionary_Qstart.pdf Revolutionary War]
::*[http://mesarfhc.org/quick_starts/military/New_Civil_War_Qstart.pdf Civil War]
::*[http://mesarfhc.org/quick_starts/military/New_Pre_20th_Other_Qstart.pdf Pre-20th Century Wars]
::*[http://mesarfhc.org/quick_starts/military/New_20th_Century_Qstart.pdf 20th Century Wars]
==== Native American  ====
:The Native American Committee assists patrons to find '''''Native American''''' records and the history of their ancestors. We also help the '''''African American''''' patrons to make the connection with the Native Americans. We also have resources to help with '''''Polynesian''''' records and those resources found in '''''Hawaii'''''.
::[http://mesarfhc.org/quick_starts/African-Native_American/native_american_quick_start.pdf Native American Quick Start]
::*[http://mesarfhc.org/quick_starts/African-Native_American/african_american_.html African American Quick Start]<br>
::*[http://mesarfhc.org/pdf_files/Hawaii/Genealogical_Records_of_Hawaii.pdf Hawaiian Quick Start]
==== Canadian  ====
:*[http://www.mesarfhc.org/quick_starts/Canadian%20Records/Canada_Quickstart.pdf Canada Quick Start]
:*[http://mesarfhc.org/quick_starts/Canadian%20Records/OntarioQuickStart.html Ontario Quick Start]
:*[http://www.mesarfhc.org/quick_starts/Canadian%20Records/Quebec_Quickstart.pdf Quebec Quick Start]
==== Hispanic  ====
:The Hispanic Committee is concerned with all aspects of Hispanic research. The Mesa&nbsp;FamilySearch Library has over 2000 rolls of microfilm relating to Latin American records and many other resources. The committee members provide support for patrons doing research in the Spanish language.
::[http://mesarfhc.org/hispanic_training/english/hispanic_training_2.html Hispanic Training]
:To view the information in Spanish:
::[http://mesarfhc.org/hispanic_training/espanol/capcitaci%C3%B3n_en_espa%C3%B1ol.html Capacitación in Español]
==== Immigration/Emigration  ====
:Our committee helps direct patrons in their search to find records and information on their US immigrant. Since many researchers are trying to find the country of origin - assistance may include help in finding; naturalization records, passenger lists, border crossings, US passport applications, US census records, etc. Any of these records may include an immigrant’s name, age, occupation, destination, and sometimes the place of origin or birth. Researching an ancestor before 1820 is vastly different than after 1820, when passenger arrival records began. Please select the QuickStart for the appropriate time frame you are researching.
::*[http://mesarfhc.org/quick_starts/Immigration/immigration_before_1820.html Immigration Before 1820 Quick Start]
::*[http://mesarfhc.org/quick_starts/Immigration/immigration_after_1820.html Immigration After 1820 Quick Start]
==== Netherlands  ====
:[http://mesarfhc.org/quick_starts/Netherlands/netherlands_quickstart.html Netherlands Quick Start]
==== Scandinavian  ====
:The Scandinavian Committee helps and assists patrons, missionaries, and volunteers to identify and find their Scandinavian ancestors, primarily in Denmark, Sweden, Finland, and Norway. Our purpose is to be a resource for patrons, missionaries, and volunteers. We update our skills continually to be able to assist and educate others in the use of the resources available here at the Mesa FamilySearch Library to help them in their genealogical research. The expertise we offer includes many quick starts that explain how to read the different languages, interpret Census records, birth dates, christening dates, death dates, and other pertinent information to the seeker of genealogy records of Scandinavia. You may select from the multiple quick starts below to get started.<br>
::*[http://mesarfhc.org/quick_starts/Scandanavian/denmark_.html Denmark Quick Start]
::*[http://mesarfhc.org/quick_starts/Scandanavian/norway_.html Norway Quick Start]
::*[http://mesarfhc.org/quick_starts/Scandanavian/sweden_and_finland_.html Sweden and Finland Quick Start]
::*[http://mesarfhc.org/quick_starts/Scandanavian/scandinavia_.html Scandinavia Quick Start]
::*[http://mesarfhc.org/quick_starts/Scandanavian/books_for_scandinavian_research.html Books for Scandinavian Research]
::*[http://mesarfhc.org/quick_starts/Scandanavian/other_tools_for_scandinavian_research.html Other Tools for Scandinavian Research]
::*[http://mesarfhc.org/quick_starts/Scandanavian/how_to_arkivalieronline.html How to Use the Danish National Archives]
::*[http://mesarfhc.org/quick_starts/Scandanavian/how_to_dansk_demografisk.html Notes on Dansk Demografisk Database]
::*[http://mesarfhc.org/quick_starts/Scandanavian/how_to_dis_danmark.html Notes on Using DIS-Denmark, a Danish Genealogical Resource]
::*[http://mesarfhc.org/quick_starts/Scandanavian/how_to_landsarkivet.html Landsarkivet]
::*[http://mesarfhc.org/quick_starts/Scandanavian/how_to_norwegian_maps.html Notes on Norway.no and Norge.no for Maps of Counties and Communes]
::*[http://mesarfhc.org/quick_starts/Scandanavian/how_to_norway_national_archives.html How to Use Norway National Archives]
==== Eastern European  ====
:*[http://mesarfhc.org/quick_starts/Russia/eastern_europe_research.html Eastern European Quick Start]
:*[http://mesarfhc.org/quick_starts/Russia/eastern_european_countries.html Eastern European Map and List of Countries]
=== Youth Programs  ===
:*[http://mesafsl.org/YouthPrograms/Youth_and_Family.html Youth And Family Programs]
=== Other Resources  ===
:*[http://mesarfhc.org/classes_workshops.html Family History Research Training and Class Schedule]
:*[[Mesa Regional Family History Center Volunteer's Page|Mesa FamilySearch Library Volunteer's Page]]
=== Links  ===
:See the [[FamilySearch Libraries]] for information on all of the FamilySearch Libraries.<br>
:Click here for more information on [[Mesa, Arizona]]
=== Alternate Repositories  ===
If you cannot visit or find a source at the '''''{{PAGENAME}}''''', a similar source may be available at one of the following.
'''''Overlapping Collections'''''<br>
*[[National Archives Pacific Region (Riverside)|National Archives—Pacific Region (Riverside)]], CA. Federal court records and federal agencies in Arizona.
*[[State Library of Arizona|State Library]], Phoenix, has a large book/periodical collection including immigration, vital records, courts, wills, county histories, and Internet sites. ''The&nbsp;'' starting place for AZ family history research.<ref>William Dollarhide, and Ronald A. Bremer, ''America's Best Genealogy Resource Centers'' (Bountiful, UT: Heritage Quest, 1988), 15. {{WorldCat|39493985|item|disp=At various repositories (WorldCat)}}; {{FHL|728550|item|disp=FHL Book 973 J54d}}.</ref>
*[[Arizona State Archives|State Archives]], Phoenix, marriages, wills and probates, civil and criminal records, brands, taxes, coroner records, voting registers, prisoners, state agencies, maps, newspapers, photos.<ref name="GFH">[http://www.azlibrary.gov/sla/genealogy-and-family-history Genealogy and Family History] in ''Arizona State Library, Archives and Public Records'' (accessed 10 February 2015).</ref>
*[[California Archives and Libraries#Bancroft|Bancroft Library, Univ. Calif. Berkeley]] Early settlers, migration trails, stagecoaches, miners, and histories. They probably have more Arizona historical material than any repository in Arizona.<ref>William Dollarhide and Ronald A. Bremer. ''America's Best Genealogy Resource Centers'' (Bountiful, Utah: Heritage Quest, 1998), 15. {{WorldCat|39493985|disp=At various libraries (WorldCat)}}. {{FHL|728550|item|disp=FHL Ref Book 973 J54d}}.</ref>
*[[Southwest Museum Braun Research Library]], Los Angeles, CA. Includes the Monk Library of Arizoniana, California and Arizona history, and records of southwest American Indians.</ref>
'''''Similar Collections'''''<br>
*[[Family History Library]], Salt Lake City, has many Arizona cemeteries, census, church, court, histories, immigration, land, military, and naturalization records on microfilm.
'''''Neighboring Collections'''''<br>
*[[Arizona State University Library]], Tempe, a good place to look for early Arizona families.</ref>
*[[Phoenix Public Library, Burton Barr Central Library]] The Arizona history collection is a good place for genealogy research.</ref>
*[[West Valley Genealogical Society]], Youngstown, an active society with a good little library. Probably represents outside Arizona better because of retirees who contribute from all around the U.S.</ref>
*[http://www.maricopa.gov/publichealth/Programs/Vitals/default.aspx Maricopa County Office of Vital Registration] births 1950-present; and deaths.
*[http://www.clerkofcourt.maricopa.gov/ Maricopa County Superior Court Clerk] marriages, criminal, civil, divorces, probate and tax court cases.
*[http://recorder.maricopa.gov/ Maricopa County Recorder's Office] land and mortgage records 1871-present.
*[http://www.azd.uscourts.gov/ U.S. District Court] civil, criminal, appellate, and bankruptcy cases.
*[http://www.mhs50.com/ Maricopa Historical Society], Wickenburg, exhibits and publications.
*[https://azjhs.org/Home.html Arizona Jewish Historical Society], Phoenix, exhibits and genealogical classes.
*''Repositories in'' '''''surrounding counties:''''' [[Gila County, Arizona|Gila]], [[La Paz County, Arizona|La Paz]], [[Pima County, Arizona|Pima]], [[Pinal County, Arizona|Pinal]], [[Yavapai County, Arizona|Yavapai]], and [[Yuma County, Arizona|Yuma]].
*[[Arizona Historical Society]], Tucson Library and Archives, has a Mexican and an early Arizona collection, Colorado River topics, manuscripts 1860-present, oral histories, maps, and photos.</ref>
*[[University of Arizona Special Collections]], Tucson, materials on Arizona, Southwest American history, and the U.S./Mexico Borderlands, including rare books, manuscripts, and photographs.</ref>
*[[Northern Arizona University Cline Library]], Flagstaff, includes Arizona history, Arizona photographs, archives, and oral histories.</ref>
*[[Pima County Public Library, Joel D. Valdez Main Library]], Tucson, the Arizona collection, and the Southern Arizona Genealogical Society collection are housed here.</ref>
*''Repositories in'' '''''surrounding states (or nations):''''' [[California Archives and Libraries|California]], [[Nevada Archives and Libraries|Nevada]], [[New Mexico Archives and Libraries|New Mexico]], [[Utah Archives and Libraries|Utah]]; '''in&nbsp;Mexico:''' [[Baja California Archives and Libraries|Baja California]], [[Sonora|Sonora]], and [[Mexico Archives and Libraries|Mexico]].
*[[California State Archives]], Sacramento, has county records of the state, such as court records, prison records, wills, deeds, as well as military records, state census records, and school records.
*[[Nevada State Library and Archives]], Carson City, births, marriages, deaths, censuses, military.
*[[New Mexico State Records Center and Archives|New Mexico State Records Center and Archives]], Santa Fe, government records since 1621, manuscripts, Catholic church records, census, wills, family histories, letters, diaries, maps, photos.
*[[Utah State Archives]], Salt Lake City, newspaper, death, land, court, history, naturalization, military, directories, criminals.
*[http://www.agn.gob.mx/ Archivo General de la Nación], Mexico City, church, civil, census, court, history, military, migration, land.

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