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Project Description

This project, when complete will consist of approximately 350,000  predominately-Welsh lineage linked individuals. The main source is Peter Bartrum's Welsh Genealogies, AD 300-1400 (9 volumes) and Welsh Genealogies, AD 1400-1500 (18 volumes). Once the base data from these two sources is entered ten additional sources will be added.

The database currently contains 195,000 individuals. Many of the ten additional sources have been started. The project is nearly 50% complete and is expected to be finished by December 2008.

  • Continue adding 1,000 individuals per month to the master file.
  • Complete this portion of the project by December 2008.
  • At the end of 2008, define the next phase of the project and create a plan.

  • Attach source citations to each data element.
  • Add notes for clarification or to note discrepencies.

Project Sources

Source Title Volume  %  % Done