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Mecklenburg-Strelitz School Records

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School Files[edit | edit source]

Names of students, who participated in Mecklenburger schools in the 18th century are found in "High school students from Mecklenburg schools in the 19th century" (FHL 943.17 J2sf) by Franz Schubert, in two volumes. Includes schools in Friedland, Neubrandenburg, Neustrelitz, Doberan, Güstrow, Parchim, Ratzeburg, Rostock, Schwerin, Waren, Wismar, Bützow, Ludwigslust, Malchin and Rostock. Students of theology, medicine, law and the military are listed. Birthdays and places are given for many students. Each volume has an alphabetical index of the place, the study path and the names.