Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania Civil Registration

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Federal law requires that by Jan 1, 2014 all vital records (birth, marriage, death) have to be documented via electronic registers. The old register books will have become history. In the future, information and registration will be done via the internet. Of great concern is, that data restricted to 30 years or 110 years (handwritten) have to be readable and have to be stored invariably.

If data from 1876 on is desired, one has to establish where the birth, marriage, or death took place and determine the responsible record keeping office (Standesamt) Here is a website which lists all Standesämter in Germany. In the search box type in the name of the Standesamt and get the address. Before you write to the office, be aware of restrictions when asking for information. You will find the restrictions here  Read the section on privacy laws and their recent adjustments.

If you do not know the name of the civil registration office which should have the birth, marriage or death record of your ancestor, use Meyers Orts and Verkehrslexikon. How to use this tool see . Look for the symbol StA, meaning Standesamt (civil registration office).

What the individual civil registration office does no longer store, will be housed in the city archive, communal archive or state archive. It is best to send a message to the current civil registration office to inquire in which archive a record might be.

How to ask for a document in German, use the German letter-writing guide found here