Maxwell, Colfax County, New Mexico, Irrigated Land Company

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The following are advertisements for Maxwell, New Mexico.

Maxwell Irrigated Land Company, 1915 

Sample text advertisement found on page 65 of "The Franciscan Missions", 1915. Issues 1-9. An Annual Published in the Interest of the Franciscan Branch (Cincinnati Province) of the Preservation Society.  Google Books.  Mention of the Maxwell Irrigated Land Company is made in an agricultural  trade journal.


                                 Are You Contented?

                                   If Not, Come!

To the Land of Sunshine and Plenty - MAXWELL NEW MEXICO

BUY a well irrigated     FARM     where you can pay for it out of the soil in a very few years  from  the  crop  returns.We  will  sell  you  Land  on  Crop  Share  Basis. All that we ask is that the Purchaser moves upon the land and farms it to the best of his ability and pays over to us the regular rental crop shares and we will credit the same on the purchase price of the land.  

Payments on land are regulated in accordance with crop returns.      If you have a big crop the payment is large;   if you should have a small crop likewise the payment on the land is small.      Under our plan the payments are automatically arranged, so that the land payments are large or small in accordance with the crop returns.     This is fair to both sides.      We take the purchaser into Partnership and our success is in seeing Him Succeed.      He must be successful for us to get pay for the land

      What We Require:

1st The Purchaser must come well recommended. 

2d The Purchaser must move upon the land and farm or have it farmed continuously.

3d The Purchaser must have sufficient farming outfit to successfully farm the land purchased.

4th The Purchaser must have sufficient capital to make his improvements and support himself until he gets his first crop.

Land sold on long time and low rate of interest. 

Write to:                     The Maxwell Irrigated Land Company 

                                           Maxwell,  New Mexico

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New Mexico Board of Exposition Managers, 1915

This summary was found on the New Mexico Board of Exposition Managers annual report describing New Mexico Resources and industries for 1915, page 47. Google Books.


The town of Maxwell is in Colfax County, New Mexico, located on the main line of the Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe, Railroad thirty miles south of Raton, New Mexico. Maxwell is progressive and has shown great growth in the last two years In the last two years.

In the last two years, at least forty houses of a very substantial nature have been erected, among them being several business blocks that would be a credit to any city.

Maxwell can boast of the purest water in the State, which is piped from a natural spring three miles away, and the water mains are now laid on all the principal streets.

Maxwell has a new $10,000 four room school house, which is strictly up to date.  The school has now an enrollment of nearly 250 pupils, with four teachers in attendance, and the High School grades are being taught.

In the last two years the Methodists and Baptists have both erected churches, and regular services are held each Sunday.

Maxwell now has a population of over 600 people.  The town was incorporated the first of January, 1914.

The Maxwell Mail is a very bright, attractive weekly paper.

No place in the West can boast of a more healthful climate.