Maxwell, Colfax County, New Mexico, Cemetery Details

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Maxwell Cemetery

Address:     Maxwell, New Mexico, 87728

Location:     Southern part of Maxwell. West of Interstate 25, exit 426 to Maxwell Avenue. South on 3rd Street, past

                  Vermejo Ave, on 3rd St. about .5 mile. On the right (west) side. 

Elevation:    5931 feet

GPS:          Latitude: 36.53406 N     Longitude: -104.54406 

Map:           Interactive Map

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Interments:    226     Details

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Vermejo Cemetery


Location:        Seven miles west of Maxwell,NM, .5 miles south of State Road 505, at the Stubblefield Dam.


GPS:             Latitude: Longitude:



Interments:     8-12     Details 1, Details 2,

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Loco Arroyo - Herrera Cemetery


Location:      Located East of Maxwell, N.M..South of Maxwell, take exit 426 east on County Road A-7 / Chico Road. At

                   the 5 way fork with Tinaja Road and County Road A-8 / Pinon Road. Take A-8 / Pinon Road (northeast), 

                   of the forks that go east , it is the left fork. Stay on A-8, pass County Road A39 on the right. When you get

                   to A-10 (it crosses A-8), turn right (south), for a few miles. Cemetery is on the right side (south).

Elevation:     6,294 feet

GPS:           Latitude: 36.56110 N     Longitude: -104.39890 W

Map:            Interactive Map 1, Map 2,


Interment Details:

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Pine Buttes - Wilson Cemetery


Location:      East of Maxwell. There are 2 routes.

                   1.  From Maxwell it is directly east over unmarked dirt roads. Or,

                   2. Go west off State Road 193, probably easier, many unmarked dirt roads.

                   Overlooking Rio del Pinno, Stage Canyon.

Elevation:     7,262 feet

GPS:           Latitude: 36.56220 N     Longitude: -104.24250 W 

Map:            Interactive Map 1,Map 2, Map 3,


Interment Details:

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