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The following important events in the history of Maryland affected political jurisdictions, record keeping, and family movements.

1632 A charter was granted to Cecilius Calvert, the second Lord Baltimore. Maryland remained a proprietary colony until 1776, except for the years 1691 to 1715 when the colony reverted to the crown.

1634: The ships Ark and Dove brought about 200 Catholic and Protestant English settlers to the Western Shore of the Chesapeake Bay, where St. Mary's was established.

1653:  Baltimore was founded. It soon became a major port and commercial center.

1763-1767:  The Maryland-Pennsylvania boundary was established by the Mason-Dixon Line.

1776: Maryland adopted a Declaration of Rights and a state constitution.

1788 ( April 28,) Maryland officially became a state in the Union by ratifying the Constitution.

1791:  Maryland ceded sixty square miles for the District of Columbia.

1802:  The property qualification for voting in local elections was removed.

1812-1815:  The War of 1812 involved many Maryland residents, and some battles were fought in Maryland.

1818: The National Road was completed from Cumberland to Wheeling.

1851:  Baltimore City became an independent city and started keeping court, land, and probate records separately from the county.

1861-1865 Maryland soldiers fought on both sides during the Civil War.

1864:  Slaves in Maryland were emancipated.

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