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Known Issues

Question #1: In Kent > Bonds there are missing years between volumes 5 and 6. Are there any Bonds available for the years 1767-1777?
Answer #1: In the browse file “Bonds 1664-1708” the original record keeper started recording bonds for the years 1773-1776 at the end of the ledger where the bonds for the years 1664-1798 were recorded. Image #87 shows page 162 on the left side of the record and is dated 1708. The right side page 163 is dated 1773 and the images up to #160 are dated to 1776.

Question #2: In Kent County there is a gap between Wills 1777-1781 Vol 6 and wills 1827-1835 Vol 11. Are those missing volumes available?
Answer #2: Volume 7 is available on microfilm number 14159, which can be ordered and viewed at your local FamilySearch Center. See Ordering Microfilm. FamilySearch does not have volumes 8-10. 

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