Marriott-Slaterville, Utah

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Quick History

Wikipedia has more about this subject: Marriott-Slaterville, Utah
In the fall of 1850 three families settled Slaterville, originally called Mill Creek. The families drew lots to choose who to name the the settlement after. The winner war Richard Slater. [1]Marriott was named after John Marriott.

In July 1999 the City of Marriott-Slaterville was created in when the two settlements of Marriott and Slaterville merged and incorporated.[2]

City Hall

The city does not have its own website.


Biography & Genealogies


The nearby cemeteries are in Hooper, West Weber and Ogden. Most of burials are usually in Ogden area.

Church History and Records

Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
  1. Marriott (part of North Weber Stake) [4]
    Record of members, 1877-1941
    Form E, 1907-1948 (annual genealogical report)
  2. Slaterville (part of succesive stakes, Weber, North Weber and Farr West stakes)[5]
    The ward was created in 1877, after being known as Slaterville Branch
    Record of members, 1860-1885, 1902-1941
    Form E, 1907-1948 (annual genealogical report)

Court Records

  • Minutes of the Justice's Court for Slaterville Precinct in Weber County, Utah Territory, 1875-1906[6]


  • History of Slaterville [7]
  • Marriott-Slaterville : Oral History Project [8] The Marriott-Slaterville City Oral History Collection was created by the residents of the town to document their history.
  • Slouching towards Slaterville : Joseph Morris's wide swath in Weber County [9]
  • Utah State History;: Articles about Slaterville (no articles about Marriott)



Historical Newspapers

Societies, Museums and Libraries

Daughters of Utah Pioneers Museum in Ogden
  • Stewart Library ~ Weber State University
    3750 Harrison Blvd.
    Ogden, Utah

Vital Records




  • Utah Department of Archives 1903 to 50 years ago
    Choices of search types - name, date of death (year, month, day, or any combination) and county.
    Images of actual death certificates.
  • Utah Death Certificates 1904 - 1956 -A free internet access to the 1904-1956 death certificates can be viewed on the Family Search Historical Records. Utah requires a death certificate before a burial is completed. A death certificate may contain information as to the name of the deceased, date of death, and place of death, as well as the age, birthdate, parents, gender, marital status, spouse and place of residence. For information on death prior to 1904 you can search the Utah State Burial Index.
  • $ Utah Death Index 1905-1951 Hint Keyword: enter the year of death and enter the name of county if known.
  • Social Security Death Index, begins about 1962.


  •, (F) listing individuals who born or died in Marriott. Submitters of gedcoms may add, update or remove contents.
  •, (F) listing individuals who born or died in Slaterville. Submitters of gedcoms may add, update or remove contents.


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