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<center>'''Adjacent towns''': '''''Plymouth Co.''''': [[Mattapoisett, Massachusetts|Mattapoisett]] | [[Rochester, Massachusetts|Rochester]] | [[Wareham, Massachusetts|Wareham]]</center><br>{{Towns in Plymouth County in Massachusetts}}<br> <!--Designed by Scott Andrew Bartley in conjunction with the Mass. Wiki Team on 15 May 2012--> </div>
<center>'''Adjacent towns: ''Plymouth Co.'': [[Mattapoisett, Massachusetts|Mattapoisett]] | [[Rochester, Massachusetts|Rochester]] | [[Wareham, Massachusetts|Wareham]] | ''Barnstable Co.: '' [[Bourne, Massachusetts|Bourne]] | [[Falmouth, Massachusetts|Falmouth]] | ''Dukes Co.: '' [[Gosnold, Massachusetts|Gosnold]]'''</center>  
{{Towns in Plymouth County in Massachusetts}} <br> <!--Designed by Scott Andrew Bartley in conjunction with the Mass. Wiki Team on 15 May 2012-->  

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Brief History

Hanson was the west parish of Pembroke and thus the area was Plymouth Colony in the beginning. The area was placed in Plymouth County when counties were formed in 1685. For a brief time, the area was part of the Dominion of New England from 1686 to 1689. The area is still in Plymouth County, though was in limbo, until the "Colony" was merged with Massachusetts Bay Colony in 1691 that became the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. When incorporated, the town was part of Plymouth County where it remains.

Historical Data[1]

Associated names

Village or section names include Bird Island, East Marion, Gifford's Corner, Great Hill, Great Neck, Hamlin's Corner, North Marion, Old Landing, Silver Shell, Sippican, and Sprague's Cove.

Border changes
Dates Events
14 May 1852 Incorporated as a town from part of Rochester.
8 Apr. 1853 Border between Marion and Rochester established.
18 Feb. 1859 Border between Marion and Wareham established.
13 Feb. 1866 Border between Marion and Wareham established.
23 Apr. 1897 Border between Marion and Wareham established.
1 Mar. 1909 Border between Marion and Wareham established.
12 June 1939 Border between Marion and Wareham established.
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Town Histories

Works written on the town include:

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Vital Records


]]The town's vital records are available in many locations:

Original records
Published records

There are no published vital records for Marion.

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The following is a list of cemeteries in present-day Bridgewater. Remember that the "old" town included present-day East Bridgewater, West Bridgewater, and Brockton. For more details regarding these cemeteries, see the state guide under cemeteries for books on the subject.

  1. Blankenship Cemetery, n.d. (A, C)
  2. Evergreen Cemetery, n.d. (D)
  3. Handy's Corner Cemetery, 1797. (B)
  4. Happy Alley / Quaker Cemetery, n.d. (A, D)
  5. Little Neck Cemetery, 18th century. (A, B, D)
  6. Marion Cemetery, 18th century. (B)
  7. North Marion Cemetery, n.d.
  8. Old Landing Cemetery, n.d. (A, D)

Abstracts of the cemeteries above are marked and keyed to:
(A). New England Historic Genealogical Society Manuscripts Dept.
(B). Charles M. Thatcher, Old Cemeteries of Southeastern Massachusetts (Middleborough, Mass., 1995). WorldCat (Other Libraries); FHL book 974.4 V3.
(C). Daughters of the American Revolution GRC v. 48.
(D). Vital Records of Rochester, Massachusetts to the Year 1850 (Boston, 1914).

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The following is a list of churches established in town in order of organization date (if known) and condition of records in the 1889 survey if listed.

  1. Congregational Church [now First Congregational Church of Marion, 1703, records good.
  2. Universalist Church, 1828, records good.
  3. Methodist Episcopal Church, 1866, records good.
  4. Methodist Protestant church, n.d., extinct by 1889 and records unknown [perhaps the church below].
  5. St. Gabriel's Episcopal Church, 1874.
  6. St. Rita's Rectory, n.d.
  7. Community Baptist Church of Marion, 1992.
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  1. Marion Sentinel, 1984-present.
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Libraries and Historical Societies

The following is list of research facilities in town:

Elizabeth Taber Library
8 Spring Street
Marion MA 02738
Phone 508-748-1252

Sippican Historical Society
139 Front Street
Box 541
Marion MA 02738
Email info@sippicanhistoricalsociety.org


  1. William Francis Galvin, Historical Data Relating to Counties, Cities and Towns in Massachusetts (Boston, new ed., 1997), 72. WorldCat (Other Libraries); FHL book 974.4 H2h 1997
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