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:*Builds membership
:*Builds membership
Learn more about what the [[User:BatsonDL/Sandbox 4|FamilySearch Wiki can do for your organization.]]  
Learn more about what the [[Why the Wiki Benefits Your Society|FamilySearch Wiki can do for your organization.]]
=== How Does Your Society Get Started?  ===
=== How Does Your Society Get Started?  ===

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What is the Map/Society Page Project?

FamilySearch would like to include your society on our Family History Center finder map on FamilySearch.org! When a researcher looks for a center, currently they see all centers that are close to the search term. If your society is included, it will show on the map along with other centers in your area. 

When you are listed, we will place a society icon for your society::

  • Society name
  • Location of society building or meeting
  • Hours of building or meeting
  • Contact information
  • Link to society page on the wiki - created and maintained by the society

The Society Wiki page includes:

  • Purpose of the Society
  • Holdings of your society including, record collections, indexes, publications, etc.
  • List of Look up Services
  • Benefits of joining your Society
  • Society meetings
  • Society projects

View a Society Wiki page example.

How Can it Help My Society?

  • Drives new traffic to your society website
  • Connects to FamilySearch.org Map that gets thousands of hits a day
  • Free advertising for your society
  • Showcases your society to a worldwide audience
  • Gives a web presence for those without a society website
  • Builds membership

Learn more about what the FamilySearch Wiki can do for your organization.

How Does Your Society Get Started?

Step 1 - Send an email to uswiki@familysearch.org to request the creation of your empty society page.  This is the page you will enter and edit information about your Society. You will be notified when it is complete.
Step 2 - Gather information about your society and write it down on a Society Page Form.  Society Page Form COMING SOON! 
Step 3 - Start creating your Society page: How to Create a Society Page

Where To Get Help During the Process

If you need help editing your Society page, there are many ways to get answers to your questions:

Mon, Wed, Thurs, Fri: 8am - 5pm; Tues: 11am - 5pm All times are Mountain Time

To report a problem with the Society Page, please email: