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For Manhattan Borough see New York (Manhattan) County.

1664 Yorkshire became the first large government unit (not actually a county) organized by New York after the English took control from the Netherlands. It was divided into three ridings including North Riding (now Westchester, the Bronx, New York (Manhattan), Nassau and part of Queens counties).[1] [2]
1683 The Province of New York extinguished Yorkshire, creating New York (Manhattan) County from part of it.[1] [2]
1691 Ellis, Liberty, and Governors islands were added to New York County.[2]
1693 Orange County was given to New York County.[2]
1698 Orange County was made independent of New York County.[2]
1874 West Bronx was added to New York County.[2]
1881 North Brother Island was added to New York County.[2]
1884 Rikers Island was added to New York County.[2]
1895 East Bronx was added to New York County.[2]
1898 The five boroughs were consolidated into New York City and her county governments were dissolved. The Borough of Manhattan became a borough of Greater New York City, with the same borders as the old New York County.[3]
1912 April 19 (effective 1914 January 1) Bronx County, with the same boundaries as the borough, was separated from New York County.[2] [4]


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