Malin, Klamath County, Oregon

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  • Malin was founded by the Czech Colonization club of Nebraska, with assistance by J. Frank Adams, for who Adams Point was named.
  • Malin is a community on land that was formerly at the bottom of Tule or Rhett Lake. Tule Lake bed has been almost entirely reclaimed. On 30 September 1909, some 50 families of the Czech Colonization Club began to arrive and settle at the site of Malin. A suitable name was needed for the new community and when Mrs. Frank Zumpfe found a large horseradish root growing nearby, all agreed to name the town Malin for the famous Bohemian horseradish of Malin, Kutna Hora, Czechoslovakia.
  • The postoffice was established 11 August 1910 with W. W. Adams postmaster.