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''[[United States]]  [[Image:Gotoarrow.png]]  [[Kentucky]]  [[Image:Gotoarrow.png]]  [[Madison_County,_Kentucky|Madison County]]''  
''[[United States]]  [[Image:Gotoarrow.png]]  [[Kentucky]]  [[Image:Gotoarrow.png]]  [[Madison_County,_Kentucky|Madison County]]''  
{{Infobox U.S. County
{{Infobox U.S. County
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== Quick Dates ==
== County Courthouse ==
Madison County's civil records start the following years:
{| width="100%" cellspacing="1" cellpadding="1" border="1"
{| width="100%" cellspacing="1" cellpadding="1" border="1"
| width="16.6%" align="center" | '''[[Madison County, Kentucky#Vital_Records|Birth]]*'''  
| width="100%" bgcolor="#ffcc99" align="center" colspan="6" | <center>'''Beginning Dates for {{PAGENAME}} Government Records'''</center>
| width="16.6%" align="center" | '''[[Madison County, Kentucky#Vital_Records|Marriage]]'''  
| width="16.6%" align="center" | '''[[Madison County, Kentucky#Vital_Records|Death]]*'''  
| width="16.6%" | <center>'''[[Madison County, Kentucky#Vital_Records|Birth]]*'''</center>
| width="16.6%" align="center" | '''[[Madison County, Kentucky#Census|Census]]'''  
| width="16.6%" | <center>'''[[Madison County, Kentucky#Vital_Records|Marriage]]'''</center>
| width="16.6%" align="center" | '''[[Madison County, Kentucky#Land|Land]]'''  
| width="16.6%" | <center>'''[[Madison County, Kentucky#Vital_Records|Death]]*'''</center>
| width="16.6%" align="center" | '''[[Madison County, Kentucky#Probate|Probate]]'''
| width="16.6%" | <center>'''[[Madison County, Kentucky#Census|Census]]'''</center>
| width="16.6%" | <center>[[Madison County, Kentucky#Land|'''Deeds''']]</center>
| width="16.6%" align="center" | <center>'''[[Madison County, Kentucky#Probate|Wills]]'''</center>
| width="16.6%" align="center" | 1852  
| width="16.6%" align="center" | <center>1852</center>
| width="16.6%" align="center" |  
| width="16.6%" align="center" | <center>1786</center>
| width="16.6%" align="center" | 1852  
| width="16.6%" align="center" | <center>1852</center>
| width="16.6%" align="center" |  
| width="16.6%" align="center" | <center>1810</center>
| width="16.6%" align="center" |  
| width="16.6%" align="center" | <center>1787</center>
| width="16.6%" align="center" |  
| width="16.6%" align="center" | <center>1787</center>
| width="100%" align="center" colspan="6" | <center>'''*'''Many years between 1852 and 1911 are missing</center>
&nbsp;'''*'''Many years between 1852 and 1911 are missing
[[Image:Madison County Kentucky Courthouse.jpg|thumb|right|200px]]&nbsp;[http://www.madisoncountyky.us/ Madison County Courthouse]<br>101 W Main Street<br>Richmond, KY 40475-1415<br>Phone: 859.624.4707<ref name="HBG">''Handybook for Genealogists: United States of America'', 10th ed. (Draper, Utah: Everton Pub., 2002), Madison County, Kentucky page 272, {{WorldCat|50140092|disp=At various libraries (WorldCat)}}; {{FHL|1049485|item|disp=FHL Book 973 D27e 2002}}.</ref>  
== County Courthouse  ==
[[Image:Madison County Kentucky Courthouse.jpg|thumb|right|200px|Madison County Kentucky Courthouse.jpg]]&nbsp;[http://www.madisoncountyky.us/ Madison County Courthouse]<br>101 W Main Street<br>Richmond, KY 40475-1415<br>Phone: 859.624.4707&nbsp;<br><br>County Clerk has marriage and land records from 1787<br>and probate records 1850-1977. <br>Clerk District Court has&nbsp;probate records from 1978.<br>Clerk Circuit Court has divorce and court records. <ref name="HBG">''Handybook for Genealogists: United States of America'', 10th ed. (Draper, Utah: Everton Pub., 2002), Madison County, Kentucky page 272, {{WorldCat|50140092|disp=At various libraries (WorldCat)}}; {{FHL|1049485|item|disp=FHL Book 973 D27e 2002}}.</ref>  
== History  ==
== History  ==

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United States  Gotoarrow.png  Kentucky  Gotoarrow.png  Madison County

Hand and keyboard.jpg Kentucky
Online Records

Madison County, Kentucky
Map of Kentucky highlighting Madison County
Location in the state of Kentucky
Map of the U.S. highlighting Kentucky
Location of Kentucky in the U.S.
Founded October 17, 1785
County Seat Richmond
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County Courthouse

Beginning Dates for Madison County, Kentucky Genealogy Government Records
*Many years between 1852 and 1911 are missing
Madison County Kentucky Courthouse.jpg
 Madison County Courthouse
101 W Main Street
Richmond, KY 40475-1415
Phone: 859.624.4707[1]


Parent County

1785--Madison County was created 17 October 1785 from Lincoln County.
County seat: Richmond [2]

Boundary Changes

See an interactive map of Madison County boundary changes.

Record Loss


Populated Places

Arlington Crooksville (hist.) Kingston Round Hill
Baldwin Crow Valley Kirksville Ruthton
Berea Cuzick Middletown Silver Creek
Bighill Doylesville Million Slate Lick
Bobtown Dreyfus Moberly Speedwell
Boonesboro Duluth Newby Stringtown
Brassfield Duncanon Panola Terrill
Buggytown Edenton Peytontown Union City
Bybee Elliston Rosedale (hist.) Valley View
Caleast Farristown Redhouse Waco
College Hill Happy Landing Reeds Crossing Wallaceton
Cottonburg Hillcrest Richmond Whites

Neighboring Counties


African American Research

The following have information concerning African American research.  Both should be used:



Kentucky cemetery records often identify birth, death, relationship, and military information, as well as religious affiliation.


Historical populations
Census Pop.
Est. 200882,19216.0%

For tips on accessing Madison County, Kentucky Genealogy census records online, see: Kentucky Census.

1790 - Lost, but a substitute is available, see Taxation.




  • Berea College Yearbooks - approximately 40 years of yearbooks digitized and available full-text online via the Internet Archive. Years include approximately 1929-1970 (not fully inclusive).

Eastern Kentucky University


It is anticipated that this bibliography will eventually identify all known family histories published about residents of this county. Use this list to:

  • Locate publications about direct ancestors
  • Find the most updated accounts of an ancestor's family
  • Identify publications, to quote Elizabeth Shown Mills, about an ancestor's "FAN Club" [Friends, Associates, and Neighbors]
  • [Ballance] Pierce, Alycon Trubey. "The Ballance Family of Virginia," The Virginia Genealogist, Vol. 38, No. 1 (Jan.-Mar. 1994):3-20; Vol. 38, No. 2 (Apr.-Jun. 1994):105-114. Digital version at American Ancestors ($). FHL Book 975.5 B2vg v. 38 (1994).
  • [Bates] Dorman, John Frederick. Adventurers of Purse and Person, Virginia, 1607-1624/5. 3 vols. Baltimore, Md.: Genealogical Publishing Co., 2004-2007. Volume 1. FHL Book 975.5 H2j v. 1.
  • [Boone] Bryan, J.C. The Boone-Bryan History. Frankfort, Ky.: The Kentucky State Historical Society, 1913. Digital version at Internet Archive - free.
  • [Collins] Collins, Gerald E. William Collins (176*-1848): of North Carolina, Madison County, Kentucky, Shelby County, Indiana and Some of His Descendants. No publication info. FHL 727107
  • [Crooke] Crooke, B.F. Genealogy of the Crooke and Proctor Families. 1908. FHL 133683
  • [Crooke] Ingalls, Osie Alice McDowell. Crooke Family: Account Book of Miss Crooke of Science Hill, Madison County, Kentucky. MSS., National Library, D.A.R. Copy: FHL 133683
  • [Embry] Miller, William Harris. The Embry Family of Madison County, Ky. Ft. Lauderdale, Fla.: n.p., 1954. Digital version at Ancestry ($).
  • [Finley] Finley, Carmen J. "John and Mary Finley of Montgomery (Wythe) County, Virginia," The Virginia Genealogist, Vol. 34, No. 4 (Oct.-Dec. 1990):243-255. Digital version at American Ancestors ($). FHL Book 975.5 B2vg v. 34 (1990).
  • [Francis] Francis: Family Genealogical Data, 1794-1927, Madison County, Kentucky. Typescript. Microfilmed 1982. FHL Collection 
  • [Hill] Hill, L. Henry. Genealogy of the Hill Family of Garrard and Madison Counties, Kentucky. Evansville, Ind.: Unigraphic, 1978. FHL 166763
  • [Jett] Jett, C. Otis. The Genealogy of the Breathitt, Clay and Madison County, Kentucky Branch of the Jett Family. Georgetown, Ky.: I.L. Jett, 1988. FHL 470135
  • [Park] Gum, Nell Marshall Park. Park of Kentucky, 1747-1929: Biographical Sketches and Genealogy of the Descendants of Ebenezer Park, Pioneer of Madison County, Kentucky. Frankfort, Ky.: Gum, 1929. FHL 1715; digital version at Ancestry. ($)
  • [Park] Park, Evelyn Potter and Warren R. Park. Allen Park, 1745-1805, of Rowan County, North Carolina and Madison County, Kentucky: Including Some of His Descentants and Allied Families. Chandler, Okla.: n.p., 1970. FHL 1796; 1977 supplement: FHL 1813
  • [Pursley] Winchester, Warren. Benjamin Pursley (Pursell): of Loudoun County, Virginia, Bedford County, Pennsylvania, Madison County, Kentucky. Middletown, Ky.: W. Winchester, 1995. FHL 751739
  • [Shearer] Shearer, Oliver F. In Search of my Shearer Heritage in Madison and Rock Castle Countys [sic ] in Kentucky. [Winchester, Ky.]: O.F. Shearer, [199?]. FHL 711990
  • [Turner] Sargent, Samuel S. Genealogy of the Turner Family (Especially of Madison County, Kentucky & Illinois), ca. 1700-1955. MSS., 1955. FHL 321518


Local Histories



Civil War
Civil War Battle

The following Civil War battle was fought in Madison County.

Map showing Civil War battles in Kentucky.





The organization Strictly By Name provides free online indexes to early Madison County probate records. They offer a record retrieval service to photocopy and transcribe microfilm copies of the original documents for a small fee. Available indexes:

  1. Will Books A-A1: 1787-1813


  • 1787 - Schreiner-Yantis, Netti and Florene Speakman Love. The 1787 Census of Virginia: An Accounting of the Name of Every White Male Tithable Over 21 Years, the Number of White Males Between 16 & 21 Years, the Number of Slaves over 16 & Those Under 16 Years, Together with a Listing of Their Horses, Cattle & Carriages, and Also the Names of All Persons to Whom Ordinary Licenses and Physician's Licenses Were Issued. 3 vols. Springfield, Va.: Genealogical Books in Print, 1987. Available at FHL 622815. [The source of this publication is the 1787 personal property tax list. Madison County is included in Vol. 1.]
  • 1789 - Heinemann, Charles B. "First Census" of Kentucky 1790. Washington, D.C.: n.p., 1940. 1981 reprint: FHL 446696; digital version at Kentucky Kinfolks. ["3 volumes of 1789 were used, with some duplication of names." (p. 2)]
  • 1800 - 1800 Tax List of Madison County, Kentucky Genealogy is included in Clift's Second Census of Kentucky 1800,[4] digitized by Ancestry ($).

Vital Records

Societies and Libraries

Family History Centers

Web Sites


  1. Handybook for Genealogists: United States of America, 10th ed. (Draper, Utah: Everton Pub., 2002), Madison County, Kentucky page 272, At various libraries (WorldCat); FHL Book 973 D27e 2002.
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