FYROM (Macedonia) Beginner's Corner Finding Your Ancestor in the Records

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Before finding your ancestor in the records, you will need to know:

  • The actual name of an ancestor
  • The date of birth, marriage, and death (can be estimated)
  • The place of origin
  • The religion of an ancestor

Click here if you are missing any of the above listed information.

Find your ancestor in the records

The best sources of genealogical information in Macedonia are the church records kept by the local parishes and vital records kept by the local civil registration offices. The Family History Library holds some Macedonian vital records. The Library has also some history and genealogy books. Use the Family History Library Catalog to determine what records are available for the locality.

Research by mail

If the records you want are not available through the Family History Library they may be available through the individual Macedonia archives. Please refer to the Letter Writing Guide for detailed information.