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<center>[[Image:Map1 LA FHC.JPG]]&lt; /center&gt; </center>
<center>[[Image:Map1 LA FHC.JPG]]&lt; /center&gt;

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When you are heading east on Santa Monica Blvd take the next left, which is Manning. You will quickly come to a street, Eastborne. Turn LEFT, and drive up the slight hill onto the temple grounds, where you will turn right and follow the street. You will see the Visitor's Center as you pass the temple. Stay on the street, but park to the right side of the VC building, across the street. That will put you directly across the street from the entrance to the Library, which is located downstairs from the VC. There is a grey post-sign in front of the entrance. You may use the elevator or go down the stairs.

If you are unsure where you are, ask anyone you see, or in the Visitor's Center.

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Map1 LA FHC.JPG< /center>