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'''Sunday, February 26'''
== <center>MARLA RAUCHER OSBORN</center> ==
<center>will present</center>
== <center>“MATERIAL CULTURE &amp; THE PRESERVATION OF MEMORY: Searching for Rohatyn's former Jewish Past”</center> ==
More than 65 years after the end of WWII, the physical artifacts of the once-flourishing Jewish community in the Galician town of Rohatyn can still be found: in the abandoned headstone fragments remaining around town today, ripped by the Nazis out of the Jewish cemeteries and used to pave roads and sidewalks; in the hundreds of scraps of paper and print discovered in 2011 in a building that once housed a synagogue, but which later housed the Rohatyn Judenrat; in the few structures still standing where Jewish families once lived or prayed.<br>Biographical Information:<br>Marla Raucher Osborn was born and raised in Los Angeles, California. She graduated from UCLA and Hastings College of the Law in San Francisco, then practiced law in San Francisco from 1988-2000. For most of the last decade she has lived abroad with her husband, in England, Paris, Milan, Buenos Aires, and most recently in Lviv, Ukraine.<br>As an avid collector and keeper of family photos and stories since childhood, Marla has always been passionate about learning of her family roots; she has always served as the family genealogist, learning research and archival skills over the years.<br>
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== <center>"DNA TESTING IN GENEALOGY"</center> ==
== <center>"DNA TESTING IN GENEALOGY"</center> ==
'''&nbsp;March 3rd and&nbsp;10th.&nbsp;&nbsp; (Karen Chorney's first class on&nbsp;January 24th was great)&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;'''  
'''&nbsp;March 3rd and&nbsp;10th,&nbsp; by Karen Chorney&nbsp;&nbsp;'''  

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 March 3rd and 10th,  by Karen Chorney  


The objective of this talk is to introduce family historians to this topic and give them an understanding of the fundamentals of DNA and what the current DNA tests being offered to genealogists are all about. Part 1 of the talk is a review of the biological science about how physical traits (indcluding diseaes) are inherited. Topics includded in Part 1 are: a review of DNA and genes, mitosis vs meiosis in cell divion, Mendel and the laws of heredity, inheritable physical traits, inheritable diseases, and new discoveries such as epigenetics. Part 2 of the ltalk explores the types of DNA tests used by genealogists to answer questions about our ancestors and where you can have various types of tests performed. Armed with the basic understanding provided by this talk, the attendees will be able to determine whether such tests will forward their own research and how to selecet a testing company.


Karen Chorney:

Karen retired from the aerospace industry in 1998 and began doing family history research that year, becoming a regular Tuesday visitor at the Los Angeles Family History Library.  Her interest in DNA use in genealogical research began in 2001 with Bryan Sykes's publication of The Seven Daughters of Eve.  The following year she had her mitochrondrial DNA analyzed by Sykes's Oxford Ancestors organization.  Her interest in and study of this topic has continued over the past 10 years, and she has given talks on the subject to the TRW Genealogical Society, the Polish Genealogical Society and at the LA Family History Library in 2006.  This talk is an update of her previous talks.

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