Locate towns and parishes within a County in England

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The Old-Maps website allows you to locate where your ancestor lived from the address/information obtained from 1841-1901 British Census.


  • Town/Parish name
  • County

Zoom in to locate street and major buildings in the town

Internet Address

Using the site

1. Type in town/parish in place name block – click search

2. At top of the map it lists county and time period of map

3. Allows you to zoom in on any area of the map

4. Able to print

5. View aerial map

6. View modern map




Maps are helpful in determining distances between parishes where families lived and where different children in the same family were christened.

I felt closer to my Grandparents (who died when my Father was 14-16 years old) knowing they walked down those streets/roads that I was able to pinpoint on the map.