Locate pictures of counties, towns, parish churches, famous buildings in England

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Pictures of England is a very worthwhile site, where you can view beautiful pictures of the towns where your ancestor lived.


  • Pictures, pictures, pictures
  • Condensed history of the town, the county, the buildings

Internet Address:

Using the site:

1. On home page look to the right – click on ‘counties’, scroll down to the county you're looking for.

2. Read condensed history of county.

3. Click on ‘take a picture tour of …. (county)’.

4. If you would like to print a picture - right click on picture, click on ‘save picture as’ and save in a file. Open up in photoshop or similar program and print the size of picture you want to add to your ancestors history.

5. Scroll down on county page to additional information on the county, such as …‘recommended attractions in …(county)’ or ‘other(county)websites’.

6. Many, many other links to explore on this site.



If you have pictures of England you would like to share, you can support the website by up-loading your pictures.


Enjoy visiting the towns where your ancestors lived. I found a beautiful picture of the Brighton Royal Pavillion in East Sussex where my Grandmother worked when she was 16. I was thrilled to just imagine my Grandmother working in that beautiful place. My Grandmother died when my Father was 16, therefore I never knew her personally, but I am learning about her through Family History and exploring the internet sites of England.