Lethendy and Kinloch, Perthshire, Scotland Genealogy

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Parish #372


Also available online at http://edina.ac.uk/stat-acc-scot/. Browse the scanned pages under ‘For non-subscribers,’ then search for the parish report.

Established Church—Old Parochial Registers

Record Type Years Covered FHL Film Number
Births: 1698-1854 - Lethendy 1040122 item 4-6
1698-1854 - Kinloch 1040122 item 4-6
Marriages: 1698-1733 - Lethendy 1040122 item 4-6
1754-1789 - Lethendy
1040122 item 4-6
1802, 1810 - Lethendy
1040122 item 4-6
1819-1854 - Lethendy
1040122 item 4-6
1698-1854 - Kinloch 1040122 item 4-6
Deaths: 1754-1785 - Lethendy 1040122 item 4-6
1825-1851 - Lethendy 1040122 item 4-6
1707-1708 - Kinloch 1040122 item 4-6
1719-1841 - Kinloch 1040122 9tem 4-6


Condition of Original Registers—

Indexed: For an index to these records, see the Scottish Church Records Index available on computers at the Family History Library and family history centers.  The records may be indexed in the International Genealogical Index.
Births: Lethendy: Births are intermixed with marriages prior to December 1733. There are no entries for December 1733–November 1754, after which separate registers are kept. The entries are Irregular about 1790–1800 but a duplicate record for 1783–1800 is written in more regular order. Mothers' names begin to be recorded about 1790 but are sometimes omitted after that date.
Kinloch: There are no entries July 1710–February 1713 and August 1715–June 1718. There are irregular entries dated 1731–1751 after the record for September 1733. Mothers' names are omitted 1713–1715 and 1729–1736, except January–September 1734.
Marriages: Lethendy: See births above. Only two entries are recorded for November 1783–March 1788 and three; two for 1802 and one for 1810, for November 1789–November 1819. There is a separate record containing entries for proclamations 1698–1733.
Kinloch: There are only three entries for 1713 March 1710–October 1721, one for August 1731–June 1733, one for April 1741–August 1742, one for July 1743–June 1751, and only four for December 1805–February 1811.
Deaths: Lethendy: The record is burials January 1758–March 1785, regularly kept, after which there are only five entries, one for each of the years 1785, 1797, 1802, 1818 and 1820. The record is Mortcloth Dues 1754–1780 and 1825–1851.
Kinloch: The record is Mortcloth Dues. There are only four entries before March 1725, four for December 1739–March 1755, and three for September 1765–January 1785, and three, 1815–1818, for February 1804–June 1820. The record ends in 1841.
Source: Key to the Parochial Registers of Scotland, by V. Ben Bloxham, pub. 1970. British Book 941 K23b.

Established Church—Kirk Session Records


Minutes 1754–1784, 1802, 1838–1850
Collections 1754–1786, 1791–1802, 1808–1838
Poors Accounts 1698–1725
Accounts 1838–1854


Minutes 1697–1814, 1826–1850
Collections 1783–1841

Lethendy and Kinloch

Minutes 1847–1951
Accounts 1842–1929
Note: Available at the National Archives of Scotland, Edinburgh, record CH2/240.

Nonconformist Church Records

Lethendy United Presbyterian Church

The seceders in Lethendy continued to attend the Muirkirk of Kinclaven until 1784. They applied to the General Associate Antiburgher Presbytery of Perth for supply of sermon, which was granted. A church was built in 1785.
Source: Annals and Statistics of the United Presbyterian Church, by Rev. William MacKelvie, D.D. pub. 1873. Film #477618. More details are given in the source.

FHL Film Number
Baptisms 1803–1865 - incomplete 0304671 item 18 X
Note: The X means that records have been extracted.
Session Minutes 1787–1885
Congregational and Managers’ Minutes 1830–1876
Note: Available at the National Archives of Scotland, Edinburgh, record CH3/21.

Lethendy and Kinloch Free Church

The minister of the parish, and six elders, "came out" in 1843. Church and manse were erected in 1843–1844.
Membership: 1848, 87; 1900, 89.
Source: Annals of the Free Church of Scotland, 1843–1900, ed. Rev. William Ewing, D.D., 2 vols. pub. 1914. Film #918572. More details are given in the source.

Minutes 1843–1930
Note: Available at the National Archives of Scotland, Edinburgh, record CH3/481.

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