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====== Quebec  ======
====== Quebec  ======
Re Cueil De Genealogies - Gazateer<br>Beauce-Dorchester-Frontenac 1625-1946 (ll Volumes)<br>Genealogies-Montmagny, L'islet, Bellechasse (16 Volumes)<br>Tanquay's Dictionnaire Genealogique (109 Fiche)<br>Federal Census 1851, 1861, 1901<br>Laiselle Index to Quebec Marriages (11 films)<br>1881 census for Lotbiniere Co., Montreal City, Argenteul Co., Pontiac Co.<br>1891 Census Argenteuil Dist., Yamaska District  
Re Cueil De Genealogies - Gazetteer<br>Beauce-Dorchester-Frontenac 1625-1946 (ll Volumes)<br>Genealogies-Montmagny, L'islet, Bellechasse (16 Volumes)<br>Tanquay's Dictionnaire Genealogique (109 Fiche)<br>Federal Census 1851, 1861, 1901<br>Laiselle Index to Quebec Marriages (11 films)<br>1881 census for Lotbiniere Co., Montreal City, Argenteul Co., Pontiac Co.<br>1891 Census Argenteuil Dist., Yamaska District  

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FamilySearch This article describes the services and resources available at a Family History Centre, a branch facility of the Family History Library.

The Lethbridge Alberta Family History Center provides knowledge and resources to patrons to help them find their ancestors.

Centre Contacts and Hours[edit | edit source]

Location & Map:

Address: 1912 - 10th Avenue South, Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada T1K 0B7.

Phone:  1-403-328-0206


Open Hours:  Fall, Winter and Spring hours

  • Mondays 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
  • Tuesdays 9:00 a.m. - 9:00 p.m.
  • Wednesdays 9:00 a.m. - 9:00 p.m.
  • Thursdays 9:00 a.m. - 9:00 p.m.
  • Fridays Closed
  • Saturdays 9:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.

Summer hours:  June 5th - September 8th,  2012 

     *     Tuesdays 9:00 a.m - 5:00 p.m.
      *    Wednesdays 1:00 p.m. - 9:00 p.m.

Scheduled Hoildays:

       * Christmas Dec. 10th - January 7, 2013

Calendar and Events[edit | edit source]

Upcoming Events[edit | edit source]

Lethbridge Family History Centre annual conference - October 18 & 19, 2013

Class Schedule[edit | edit source]

 [edit | edit source]

- Mon Apr 22 - 2pm -- Roots Magic to Go - A Family History Data Program[edit | edit source]

- Wed Apr 24 - 7pm -- How To Tell The Stories[edit | edit source]

- Thur Apr 25 - 7pm -- How to Use The Flip Pal Scanner - brings one if you have one and a couple pictures.[edit | edit source]

- Mon Apr 29 - 2pm -- First Time Family History Research - How to Begin[edit | edit source]

[edit | edit source]

 Wednesday May 1 at 7PM
How to Tell Your Own Story: One Memory at a Time
We often feel our lives have been uneventful for the most part or we feel overwhelmed about where to begin, how to start, and what to include. Whether your own life story or one about your ancestors, come learn how to tell the stories, one memory at a time. You don’t even have to have some idea of how or where to start. This is an interactive class to help you get where you want to get going to.

Wednesday May 8 at 7PM
How to Find Information For Your Stories
Every person who ever lived has a story to tell, no matter how limited the information we have. Sometimes we don’t begin our stories because we fear there is not much to tell. This class will teach you how to build your story with fact and fun and where we can glean enough to make a great story.


Thursday May 9 at 7PM – Family Tree – How to Merge and Unmerge Data


 Wednesday May 15 at 7PM
How to Handcraft Your Story: Homemade vs. Computer
This will be a hands on class on how to build great story books that are not built solely by a computer program. They can be from the very simple to totally interactive stories. Children remember stories best when they can play “the lives of their ancestors.” Bring a picture(s) or a memory so you can begin to create. Bring a glue stick and a paper cutter if possible. You could bring an empty cereal box or two as well. Some supplies will be available for use or for purchase at minimal fees. Hopefully everyone will leave with a storybook started. But you will go home with a ton of ideas to get you started.


 Thursday May 16 at 7PM – Family Tree – How to Put Pictures Into The Program


Wednesday May 22 at 7PM
Scrapbook a Story
Every picture tells a story. Not everyone wants to build a hand-crafted or computer generated book. Many people would prefer one idea per page. This hands-on class will show you how a single picture can be turned into a work of art very simply and inexpensively. Bring a picture, glue stick, and if possible, some scrapbooking paper and a paper cutter. Some supplies will be available at cost only fees.


Wednesday May 29 at 7PM
Go From Buried in a Drawer to Fun Family History
An heirloom without a story has no value. Our treasures hidden in a closet mean nothing to the next generation. But what do we do with all those good pictures and heirlooms? Come learn how to present those valuable items where they are on display and sometimes interactive.


No classes through out the summer - see you in September 2013.   



Staff Training Meetings[edit | edit source]

Consultant Staff training meetings are the first thursday of every month @ 7:00 pm except during the holiday schedule.

Centre Resources[edit | edit source]

Collections[edit | edit source]

Major collections at the Lethbridge FHC[edit | edit source]

[edit | edit source]

Index to passenger lists of ships into Halifax and Quebec 1865-1900
Index Upper Canada Marriage Bonds (film) 1803 - 1845 (pa-z)
Soundex Border Crossings 1895-1954 - microfilms of border crossing records from Canada into the U.S. 1895 - 1954

Federal Census for all Provinces in Canada
1851 - complete for all Provinces
1861 - complete for all Provinces
1871 - complete except for Quebec
1881 - complete except for Quebec
1891 - complete except for Quebec
1901 - complete for all Provinces

Ontario[edit | edit source]

Microfilm of certificates and Indexes
     Marriages 1873-1913(part of)
     Marriage Bonds 1803 - 1845, 1865 - Microfilm
     Marriage Index 1873-1912
     Some early Marriage records 1801-1848 - Microfilm
     County Marriage Registry 1858-1869 - Book

     Births 1869-1899
     Birth Indexes 1869 - 1922
     Delayed Registration of Births 1860-1899
     Deaths (Reg. & Index) 1869-1924
     Deaths 1869-1923 (part of)
     Several 1800's county maps with histories of people

Land Records Index - Microfilm
1871 Census Index - books
Federal census 1851, 1861, and 1871, 1881 and 1891

Microfiche for the following cemeteries:

     Trinty Lutheran Cemetery, Huron co.
     St. Ambrose Roman Catholic Cemetery, Huron Co.
     Abandoned Pres. Cemetery, Wroxeter, Ont.
     Anglican Cemetery Howick twp.
     Hayden Methodist Cemetery, Howick Twp,
     Baptist Abandoned Pioneer Cemetery, Howick Twp.
     Abandoned Old Hunter Cemetery, Howick Twp.
     Church of the Annunciation Cemetery, Frontenac, Ont.
     Lanark Co. probate Rec. 1871 - 1902 (film)
     Ont. Surrogate Court 1837 - 1902 Ind 1848 - 1968

Nova Scotia[edit | edit source]

County Histories - book
Nova Scotia Immigrants to 1867 - book
Federal Census 1851, 1861, 1881 and 1901

New Brunswick[edit | edit source]

Vital Statistics form N.B. Newspapers 1784-1878 - books
Federal Census 1851, 1861, 1891 and 1901

Quebec[edit | edit source]

Re Cueil De Genealogies - Gazetteer
Beauce-Dorchester-Frontenac 1625-1946 (ll Volumes)
Genealogies-Montmagny, L'islet, Bellechasse (16 Volumes)
Tanquay's Dictionnaire Genealogique (109 Fiche)
Federal Census 1851, 1861, 1901
Laiselle Index to Quebec Marriages (11 films)
1881 census for Lotbiniere Co., Montreal City, Argenteul Co., Pontiac Co.
1891 Census Argenteuil Dist., Yamaska District

United Kingdom[edit | edit source]

[edit | edit source]

England and Wales: Births, Marriages, Death microfiche Indexes
Births 1837-1926 (more to come)
Marriages 1837-1928 (more to come)
Deaths 1837-1933 (more to come)
Boyd's Marriage Index 1538-1837 (7 microfilms)
English Probate Indexes
1891 Census England, Wales, Channel Islands, Isle of Man
1881 Census England, Scotland, Wales, Channel Islands, Isle of Man - microfiche - county indexed 5 ways: (1)by surname (2)by birthplace (3)by census place(4)as enumerated (5)list of ships list of institutions, miscellaneous
1851 Census Index for Warwickshire
1841-1881 Census Street Index
Calendar of Wills 1858-1876
Marriage Licence Index Vicar Gen. 1660-1921
Index Marriage Licence (Faculty Office) 1632-1955
Society of Friends, Channel Islands (film)

[edit | edit source]

Civil Registry microfiche Index
Births 1855-1955
Marriages 1855-1956
Deaths 1855-1956
Parochial Registry for Scotland
Scotland Church Records (see under Family Search)

Ireland[edit | edit source]

Microfilm Index
Births 1855-1959
Marriages 1855-1959
Deaths 1855-1959
Irish Marriage Licence microfilm Index 1623-1866
Householders microfilm Index
Irish Passenger lists 1847-1871 (book)
Irish landowners 1876 (book)

Europe[edit | edit source]

Hamburg Germany Passenger list Index 1855-1934
Gazetteer for Prussia (13 Volumes)
Large Divisional Maps of Poland
30 general reference books for Germany
Parish Record Grassard Co., Sweden
Parish Register Jerichow, Sachsen, Germany

United States[edit | edit source]

Accelerated Index System (searches 1-7A) Microfiche
Surname Index of Tax Lists and Census records for the U.S
Social Security Death Index - On Family Search
Passenger and Immigration Lists Index (15 Volumes)
Numerous films and 144 general reference books and 62 books for various states
     Film 1900 Federal census Missouri
     Film 1880 census Ogle Co., Illinois
     Film 1880 census Stephenson Co., Illinois
     Film 1880 census Boone Co., Illinois
Enumeration Districts 1880 Census (film)
Army Register, Ohio Volunteers, Civil War 1861-1865(Fiche)
Roster of Ohio Soldiers in Civil War 1861-1866, 1846-1848(fiche)

Australia[edit | edit source]

Victoria, Australia Microfiche Index
Birth 1853 - 1895
Marriage 1853 - 1895
Death 1853 - 1895
Early Church Records 1828 - 1844
Index to Early Church Birth, Marriage and Deaths
1853-1895 Victoria, Australia

LDS Records[edit | edit source]

Alberta Ward Records
Crossing the Ocean Index 1840-1925
1966 Series 4 Generation Sheets
LDS Census 1914-1920, 1925, 1930, 1935
LDS Immigration from England 1875-1913
Church Memberships 1830-1848 (95 Fiche)
Archive Records - Family Group Sheets on Microfiche
History of the Church on Microfiche
Some Utah Ward Records
Some English Branch Records
Mormon Pioneers Crossing the Plains

Books and Gazetteers[edit | edit source]

The Lethbridge Family History Center has an extensive collection of resource books and localhistory books. They are as follows:

  • 583 Parish Registry books of England. This information can also be found on some of the films which are located in our library.
  • England: British Isles general reference 83, counties of England 599, Ireland 23, Scotland 31.
  • Canada: general reference 31, Alberta 50, New Brunswick 16, Nova Scotia 27, Ontario 27, Quebec 41, as well as many other books for other provinces.
  • There are 147 general genealogy reference books
  • There are also general reference books for all countries of the world including one on Jewish research.
  • The Library has 18 L.D.S reference books
  • Total general reference books for U.S.A. are 144, also 6 for Native Races and 62 reference books forU.S. States.
  • 30 reference books on Germany
  • A number of gazateers
  • Genealogical Research Directories 1885 - 1996
  • History Books of Southern Alberta

Maps and Atlas[edit | edit source]

The Family History Center has an excellent collection of maps for most countries of the world, which include Ireland, England, Europe, Belgium, France, Switzerland, Hungary, Yugoslavia, Denmark Sweden, Netherlands, Iceland, and Norway.

  • 14 maps of Germany
  • English Shire maps
  • Scotland Shire maps
  • Reg. and Census district maps of England
  • 17 Ordnance Survey Maps - U.K.
  • 62 maps of England, Wales and Scotland
  • Atlas of States in U.S.
  • Historical Atlas for Canada, Prince Edward Island, New Brunswick, and Numerous Counties of Ontario

Microfilm[edit | edit source]

The Family History Center has 10 film readers and over 12,500 microfilms.
There is a large collection of films for Scotland, particularly Aberdeen County. There are a total of 1117 films for all of Scotland (including Aberdeen) which include marriage, birth, death, census, and baptism records. Parish Registers and histories are also on film.
Films on each county of England may contain census records, Parish Registers marriages, birth, death.

The Family History Center has films for almost every country of the world including: Ireland, Wales, Germany, Hungary, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Russia, South Africa, Sweden, every state in the U.S.A., Switzerland, Ukraine, Mexico, Belgium, Czechoslovakia, Denmark, every province in Canada, Asia, and of course England and Scotland. These films could include marriage, birth, death, census records and much more.

Microfiche[edit | edit source]

The Family History Center has an extensive collection of microfiche (8700) and six microfiche readers. Besides part of our major collection of resources on microfiche, we also have the following:

  • The most used 200 reference books
  • I.G.I. for England, Wales, Europe, Mexico, South America, South West Pacific, Asia, Africa, South Africa, Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden, U.S.A. and Canada.
  • Accelerated Indexing System (searches 1 - 7A) 1607-1906 Each index covers at least a ten year period and several states<
  • Ontario Land Records
  • England and Wales index marriages 1904-1940, deaths for 1904-1940 and birth 1904-1940
  • Victoria Australia Index - births 1853-1895, deaths 1853-1895, and marriages1853-1895 early church records (all churches).
  • 1891 census for England, Wales, Channel Islands, Island of Man
  • Family History Library Catalogue
  • Parish Listing and Vital Records

CD's[edit | edit source]

North American Vital Records Index[edit | edit source]

More than 4.6 million christenings, births, and marriages that occurred in the United States and Canada from about 1700 to 1888.

Australian Vital Records Index[edit | edit source]

Index to records from New South Wales (1788-1888, Tasmania (1803-1899), Victoria (1837-1888), and Western Australia (1841-1905). It does not include information from Queensland, South Australia, and the Northern Territory. The index contains about 4.5 million records of births, christenings, marriages, and deaths. It includes the name, year, age, parents or spouse, date and place of the event, and an index reference that can be used to obtain a certificate from the state civil registration office.

1851 British Census[edit | edit source]

Index to the census records of Devon, Norfolk, and Warwick counties only. About 1.5 million names were transcribed from original census returns. The index lists a person's name, relationship to head of household, sex, age, occupation, birthplace, and residence. Families are listed as they were enumerated in the actual census.

British Vital Records Index[edit | edit source]

Information on more than 4.7 million christenings, births, and marriages that occurred in England, Wales, Scotland, and Ireland from 1500 to 1888. This information came from British church and vital records collected as a part of the Church's extraction program. The amount of information varies greatly by time period and locality.

British 1881 Census and Index[edit | edit source]

Contains over 30 million individuals from England, Wales, and Scotland.

Mormon Immigration Index[edit | edit source]

The Mormon Immigration Index is a database of approximately 93,000 immigrants who traveled from various international ports to the United States between the years 1840 and 1890. Information in this database includes the age, country of origin, ports of departure and arrival, the company leader assigned to each voyage, and general voyage information. This index also contains transcriptions of autobiographies, journals, diaries, and letters of approximately 1,000 passengers. These immigrant accounts are linked to over 500 known LDS companies and provide a composite account of those who crossed the Atlantic and Pacific oceans to gather in Zion. Other people who took part of these voyages, but who were not members of the LDS Church are also listed in this index.

Western Europe Vital Records Index[edit | edit source]

12 million names for Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, Netherlands, France, Baden, Bavaria, Hessen-Darmstadt, Lippe-Detmold, Oldenburg, Prussia, Turingia, Wurtemberg, Italy, and Spain.

Pedigree Resource File (20 CD's) and Indexes[edit | edit source]

The Pedigree Resource File contains family history records submitted by individuals through the FamilySearch® Internet Genealogy Service. Family information is organized in family groups and pedigrees, similar to how it is displayed in Ancestral File™. However, the Pedigree Resource File displays each submitter's information exactly as it was submitted, not combined with information from other submitters, as is done in Ancestral File. Notes and sources are also displayed. Over one million individuals are included on each CD.

Family Registry[edit | edit source]

The Family Registry is a microfiche file consisting of:
A registry of names that people are working on
Their addresses or means of contacting them
Registry of family organizations or people wanting to start a family organization.

Accelerated Indexing System[edit | edit source]

The Accelerated Indexing Systems (AIS) is a commercial company that indexes genealogical records. The microfiche version of the AIS U.S. Census indexes was published in 1984. It is distributed by the Family History Library, with permission of AIS, for use in the Family History Centers.
The Accelerated Indexing Systems indexes are alphabetical listings of some of the people living in the United States between 1607 and 1906. These listings were compiled from the United States census records and other records. There are a total of eight searches in all.

Daughters of the Utah Pioneers[edit | edit source]

The Lethbridge Family History Center has a large collection of books, biographies and histories regarding the Daughters of the Utah Pioneers. There are many decendents of the Utah Pioneers living in Southern Alberta. Some of the information regarding the Daughters of the Utah Pioneers has been written by these decendents and is contained in the following books and biographies.

  • Chronicles of Courage Volumes 1, 2, 3, 4
  • An Enduring Legacy - Volumes 1 - 12
  • Our Pioneer Heritage - Volumes 18, 19
  • Numerous biographies and Town Histories
  • Numerous Personal Histories
  • Booklets - Pioneer by Train to Alberta Plains Volumes 1, 2

Databases and Software[edit | edit source]

FHC Portal This centre has access to the Family History Center Portal page which gives free access in the centre to premium family history software and websites that generally charge for subscriptions.  These websites include:

  • Godfrey Memorial Library
  • World Vital Records
  • The
  • Find My Past
  • 19th Century British Library Newspaper Digital Archives
  • Heritage Quest Online
  • Alexander Street Press
  • Historical Maps Works Library Edition
  • Family History Link
  • Ancestry Institution
  • American Ancestors - New England Historic Genealogical Society

Hardware and Equipment[edit | edit source]

  • 15 computers
  • 14 microfilm readers
  • 3 microfiche readers
  • 2 printers
  • 2 photocopy machines
  • 1 film copier
  • Screen capture software (used to copy images from computers for printing or saving to flash drives)

Centre Services[edit | edit source]

Staff Research Specialties[edit | edit source]

(Include sections for any other services your centre provides. Add additional sections for those services. See the Mesa and Logan FHC pages for examples.)

Resources in the Local Area
[edit | edit source]

The Lethbridge Family History Center has a collection of Microsoft PowerPoint presentations that have been created by Family History Consultants who have specific expertise.  These PowerPoints can be viewed only on computers at the center and contain the following topics:

Countries[edit | edit source]

  • Australia
  • Czechoslovakia
  • Denmark
  • England
  • Finland
  • German
  • Greece
  • Hungary
  • Ireland
  • Italy
  • Norway
  • Poland
  • Portugal
  • Russia
  • Scandinavian research
  • Scotland
  • Sweden
  • Switzerland
  • United States
  • Wales

LDS websites and research[edit | edit source]

  • Combining in
  • Family History Library Catalog
  • Family Search Indexing
  • Family Search affiliates
  • features
  • - Prepares names for Temple ordinances
  • Registering on
  • Searching and adding in
  • Submitting names to the Temple
  • Using
  • Using LDS records for discovering your family
  • Using LDS websites to further your family history
  • PAF - part 1
  • PAF - part 2
  • PAF - part 3
  • Cleaning up PAF

Other research topics[edit | edit source]

  •  A Hen Gathereth Her Chicks
  • Advanced English Research
  • Beginning the Research Process Expanded version
  • Branching Out
  • Brick Walls & Dead Ends
  • Calendars
  • Census Substitutes
  • Collaboration Turning the Daunting Research to Undaunting
  • Colonial America
  • Consulting Desk Responsibilities
  • Consultant Training
  • Copyright Laws and Family History
  • Death after taxes
  • Documenting Death
  • England - Livery Companies
  • England beyond the basics
  • English poor laws
  • European censuses
  • Evaluating evidence
  • Families - fleshing out their stories
  • First Aid
  • Germans from Russia
  • Getting Organized
  • Getting started and basic research
  • GPS, definitions and citations
  • Handwriting
  • He is who he is
  • Historic Lethbridge
  • How to help patrons
  • Internet and genealogy
  • Internet for family history research
  • Irish research resources
  • Jewish genealogy
  • Latin
  • Leaves, branches, trees and research
  • Lost children
  • Making complete paper trails
  • Maps and Gazetteers
  • Message boards
  • Name that name!
  • National Burial Index
  • Occupations
  • Ontario basic research
  • Oops! common mistakes in family history
  • operation petticoat
  • Ordering films online
  • Patronymics
  • Pre 1930 adoptions
  • Putting it all together
  • Railroad records
  • Records on the common people
  • Setting up and accessing e-mail accounts
  • Social networking
  • The golden hour of family history
  • Training family history consultants
  • Unusual sources
  • Using
  • Using census records
  • Using family history Societies, Associations, Archives
  • Using PowerPoint
  • Vital records of Canada
  • Ward Family History Consultants training
  • What's available
  • Witnesses please stand up!

[edit | edit source]

Mary's Genealogy Treasures 

Lethbridge Historical Society

Lethbridge Herald Archives 

Galt Museum

City of Lethbridge Cemeteries

Lethbridge Public Library

Volunteer at the Centre[edit | edit source]

(Include information here about the volunteers you are looking for.)