Ledoux, Mora County, New Mexico, Cemeteries

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Bethel Cemetery

Address:          South Carmen, NM. 87732

Location:          From Ledoux, NM , go south on State Road 94 to South Carmen. The Cemetery is where 94 meets 

                       County Road 11 / Cebolla Canyon Road turnoff.  It is .4 miles from South Carmen.

Elevation:          2,218 meters = 7,275 feet

GPS:                Latitude: 35.89000 N      Longitude: -105.33190 W

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LeDoux Cemetery

Address:              LeDoux, NM



GPS:                  Latitude: N Longitude: W

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Interments:         5

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Quintana Cemetery

Address:                Canon, NM  87732

Location:                North of Ledoux, take Monte Aplanado Rpad, left (northwest) off State Road 94 / Sleepy Hollow Rd.

                             The cemetery is at the first road that intersects, old state route 94.

                             It is .7 miles from Canon, and 3.6 miles from Mora.

Elevation:               2,291 meters = 7,514 feet

GPS:                     Latitude: 35.93530 N      Longitude: 105.36330 W

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Interments:             4

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Saint Joseph Cemetery

Address:            LeDoux, NM 87732

Location:            South of Ledoux off State Road 94. take the first road to the right (west) at the end of the road.

                         It is .4 miles from Ledoux, and 4.5 miles from Mora.

Elevation:           2,302 meters = 7,551 feet

GPS:                 Latitude: 35.91720 N Longitude: 105.36080 W

Map:                  Interactive Map 1, Map 2, Map 3,



Interments:         1

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Santo Nino Cemetery

Address:           Monte Aplanado, NM 87732

Location: .        North of Ledoux, NM, and north of Morphy Lake State Park, and south of Cleveland, NM.

                       From Ledoux, go north on state road 94 to Sleepy Hollow Road, turn left (north), to Monte Aplanado

                       Road, no north west, past the intersection with Upper Murphy Valley Road. Monte Aplanado is

                       up the road on the right (north) side.                      

Elevation:          7,811 feet

GPS:                Latitude: 35.95531 N Longitude: -105.39501 W

Map:                 Interactive Map 1, Map 2, Map 3,



Interments:       8

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