Lapwai, Nez Perce County, Idaho Genealogy

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United States > Idaho > Nez Perce County > Lapwai, Idaho

Quick Facts

Former name

Geographic location

City Hall

Lapwai City Hall
315 South Main Street
Lapwai, Id 83540
Phone: 208-843-2212




Church History and Records


Lapwai Methodist Church‎
U.S. 95
Lapwai, ID 83540

(208) 843-2092

Roman Catholic

Sacred Heart Church‎
205 Birch Avenue East
Lapwai, ID 83540

(208) 843-2562


Name Outreach‎
219 Locust Avenue
Lapwai, ID 83540

(208) 843-2154

Lapwai Assembly of God Church‎
400 U.S. 95
Lapwai, ID 83540

(208) 843-2231

Lapwai Church of God‎
117 Main Street South
Lapwai, ID 83540-9735

(208) 843-2860


The Idaho State Archives in Boise has a collection of city, county, state and regional directories.

Funeral Homes


The Nez Perce owned the land in the Lapwai Valley. Lewis and Clark Expedition first encountered the Nez Perce Indians in 1805. The Nez Perce Indiana name is from the French, "pierced nose." This is an inaccurate description of the tribe. They did not wear ornaments or do nose piercing. The Nez Perce relied heavily upon salmon and shared fishing and trading sites. In 1805 the Nez Perce Indians, population was 6,000 making then the largest tribes on the Columbia River Plateau. Because of epidemics, conflicts with non-Indians, and other factors. In the 20th century, the Nez Perce had declined to about 1,800.


Military History and Records



Copies of issues of two Lapwai newspapers are in the collections of the Idaho State Archives in Boise.


School Records