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{{Infobox U.S. County | county = Lane County | county_map = Or-lane.png | state = Oregon | state_map = Oregon.png | latd = 43.95 | longd = 122.88 | founded title = Founded: | founded year = 1851 | founded date = January 11 | seat wl = Eugene | building address = Lane County Courthouse United States Gotoarrow.png Oregon Gotoarrow.png Lane County

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The {{Lane County, Oregon Genealogy}} template has been created as an adoption sign to be used in the Adopt-A-Wiki Page Program.

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You type You get

{{Lane County, Oregon Genealogy}}

Template:Lane County, Oregon Genealogy

{{Lane County, Oregon Genealogy|small=true}}

Template:Lane County, Oregon Genealogy

{{Lane County, Oregon Genealogy|Add '''custom''' text}}

Template:Lane County, Oregon Genealogy

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{{Lane County, Oregon Genealogy}}

Template:Lane County, Oregon Genealogy

Adding sign inside an infobox

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| adoption_sign = Lane County, Oregon Genealogy


There are two parameters that are used to create the custom look of the adoption sign. Edit this one template to make changes in the sign wherever it has been added in the wiki.

These parameters are:

(optional) This is the filename of the image to be used as a logo inside the sign. If the parameter is not defined no logo is displayed and the text part of the sign will fill the complete width.
This is the text (can include wikicode) that will be displayed within the sign. If this parameter is not defined then the default text is This page is available for adoption.

| custom_text = {{{1|}}}

Then on different pages, different custom text can be added as needed.

{{Lane County, Oregon Genealogy|add custom text inside the template}}
(optional) Add addtional custom text to the adoption sign. Wiki markup allowed.

Lane County Information

Lane County's civil records start the following years:

Birth Marriage Death Census Land Probate
1882-1928 1852 1882-1928 1854 1854 1852

Historical Facts

Wikipedia has more about this subject: Lane County, Oregon
Named for Joseph Lane, the first governor of Oregon Territory.

Boundary Changes

28 January 1851: Lane county was created from Linn (Non-County Area 3) and Umpqua (Non-County Area 4) Counties. [1] (Source: Newberry Library)
11 January 1854: Part was taken to form Wasco
07 January 1852: Lost small area to creation of Douglas. (Ore. Terr. Laws 1851, 3rd reg. sess., p. 18)
22 December 1853:
Gained from Umpqua (extinct); gained from Non-County Area 4; exchanged with Douglas. (Ore. Terr. Special Laws, 1853, 5th reg. sess., p. 13)
19 November 1885:
Gained from Douglas. (Ore. Laws 1885, gen., 13th sp. sess., p. 3)
16 February 1887:
Gained from Linn. (Ore. Laws 1887, gen., 14th reg. sess., p. 126)
19 Feb 1903:
Gained from Douglas. (Ore. Laws 1903, 22nd reg. sess., pp. 115-116)
29 January 1907: Exchanged with Linn. (Ore. Laws 1907, gen., 24th reg. sess., ch. 3/pp. 12-14)
19 February 1907:
Gained from Linn. (Ore. Laws 1907, gen., 24th reg. sess., ch. 63/pp. 114-115)
12 February 1915:
Gained from Linn and exchanged with Douglas. Area annexed from Linn was approximately 120 acres along the Willamette River near the present town of Lancaster [too small to map]. (Ore. Laws 1915, gen., 28th reg. sess., ch. 65/pp. 74-77)
15 February 1923:
Lost to Benton and Lincoln. (Ore. Laws 1923, gen., 32nd reg. sess., ch. 92/pp. 129-131)
3 March 1927:
Boundary with Lincoln redefined to correct minor errors in 15 February 1923 description [no change]. (Ore. Laws 1927, gen., 34th reg. sess., ch. 278/pp. 350-351)
6 March 1931: Gained small area from Lincoln when boundary was redefined to correct an error in the previous description. (Ore. Laws 1931, gen., 36th reg. sess., ch. 288/p. 514)

Trivia Tidbits

Information about localities, too small or too brief to describe in separate pages. Exception to this are Post Offices. Gotoarrow.png Trivia Tidbits



Trivia Tidbits: Little biographic bits associated with the names of non-population localities.




Court Records


Emigration and Immigration

Funeral Homes



Mailing Lists

Message Boards


Land and Property



Naturalization and Citizenship


Probate Records


  • Lane County Archive and Records Center
  • Lane County Historical Museum
  • Lane County Public Service Building
  • Lane Education Service District
  • Oregon State Archives
  • Oregon Historical Society
  • University of Oregon, Knight Library

Rivers and Waterways

Details about the rivers and waterways where farms and settlements are often found along them.
Gotoarrow.png Rivers and Waterways



Vital Records



Divorce Records



Family History Centers



  1. Handybook for Genealogists: United States of America, 10th ed.; Draper, Utah: Everton Pub., 2002 WorldCat 50140092, FHL Book 973 D27e 2002