Lancashire Church Records

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Lancashire was comprised of 69 ancient parishes, but well over 500 extant churches prior to 1851. Recognizing that all authoritative treatises on Lancashire civil parishes differ--some much more than others--in their facts indicating extant township chapelries, several key reference publications have been used here to compile as thorough and comprehensive a list of Liverpool parishes and all associated chapelries as may be possible.

Below is as standard a list as can be identified of all Lancashire parishes and township chapelries. Also included next each parish and chapelry anem are the ecclesiastical courts which held (pre-1858) jurisdiction over them. These jurisdictions had oversight and kept additional records for such events as issuing marriage licences, bonds, allegations, oversight in ecclesiastical (church) court proceedings and in other important matters pertaining to ancestry. For other Lancashire parishes and chapelries, click on a link:

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