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*[[Accrington St James, Lancashire|Accrington St James]]
*Accrington St James  
*[[Adlington, Lancashire|Adlington]]
*[[Admarsh, Lancashire|Admarsh]]
*[[Aigburth, Lancashire|Aigburth]]
*[[Ainsworth, Lancashire|Ainsworth]]
*[[Aldingham, Lancashire|Aldingham]]
*[[Altcar, Lancashire|Altcar]]
*[[Altham, Lancashire|Altham]]
*[[Ancoats St Andrew, Lancashire|Ancoats St Andrew]]
*Ancoats St Andrew  
*[[Angerton, Lancashire|Angerton]]
*[[Ardwick St Thomas, Lancashire|Ardwick St Thomas]]
*Ardwick St Thomas  
*[[Arkholme, Lancashire|Arkholme]]
*[[Ashton in Makerfield, Lancashire|Ashton in Makerfield]]
*Ashton in Makerfield  
*[[Ashton in Makerfield Holy Trinity, Lancashire|Ashton in Makerfield Holy Trinity]]
*Ashton in Makerfield Holy Trinity  
*[[Ashton under Lyne St Michael, Lancashire|Ashton under Lyne St Michael]]
*Ashton under Lyne St Michael  
*[[Ashton under Lyne Christ Church, Lancashire|Ashton under Lyne Christ Church]]
*Ashton under Lyne Christ Church  
*[[Ashton under Lyne St Peter, Lancashire|Ashton under Lyne St Peter]]
*Ashton under Lyne St Peter  
*[[Ashton upon Ribble St Andrew, Lancashire|Ashton upon Ribble St Andrew]]
*Ashton upon Ribble St Andrew  
*[[Ashworth, Lancashire|Ashworth]]
*[[Astley, Lancashire|Astley]]
*[[Astley Bridge, Lancashire|Astley Bridge]]
*Astley Bridge  
*[[Atherton, Lancashire|Atherton]]
*[[Audenshaw, Lancashire|Audenshaw]]
*[[Aughton, Lancashire|Aughton]]
*[[Bacup, Lancashire|Bacup]]
*[[Balderstone, Lancashire|Balderstone]]
*[[Bamber Bridge St Saviour, Lancashire|Bamber Bridge St Saviour]]
*Bamber Bridge St Saviour  
*[[Bardsley, Lancashire|Bardsley]]
*[[Barrowford, Lancashire|Barrowford]]
*[[Barton, Lancashire|Barton]]
*[[Barton upon Irwell, Lancashire|Barton upon Irwell]]
*Barton upon Irwell  
*[[Bedford Leigh, Lancashire|Bedford Leigh]]
*Bedford Leigh  
*[[Beswick, Lancashire|Beswick]]
*[[Bevington, Lancashire|Bevington]]
*[[Bickerstaffe, Lancashire|Bickerstaffe]]
*[[Billinge, Lancashire|Billinge]]
*[[Birch, Lancashire|Birch]]
*[[Birch in Rusholme, Lancashire|Birch in Rusholme]]
*Birch in Rusholme  
*[[Bircle, Lancashire|Bircle]]
*[[Bispham, Lancashire|Bispham]]
*[[Blackburn St Mary, Lancashire|Blackburn St Mary]]
*Blackburn St Mary  
*[[Blackburn Holy Trinity, Lancashire|Blackburn Holy Trinity]]
*Blackburn Holy Trinity  
*[[Blackburn St John, Lancashire|Blackburn St John]]
*Blackburn St John  
*[[Blackburn St Michael and All Angels, Lancashire|Blackburn St Michael and All Angels]]
*Blackburn St Michael and All Angels  
*[[Blackburn St Paul, Lancashire|Blackburn St Paul]]
*Blackburn St Paul  
*[[Blackburn St Peter, Lancashire|Blackburn St Peter]]
*Blackburn St Peter  
*[[Blackley St Peter, Lancashire|Blackley St Peter]]
*Blackley St Peter  
*[[Blackpool St John, Lancashire|Blackpool St John]]
*Blackpool St John  
*[[Blackrod, Lancashire|Blackrod]]
*[[Blawith, Lancashire|Blawith]]
*[[Bolton le Moors St Peter, Lancashire|Bolton le Moors St Peter]]
*Bolton le Moors St Peter  
*[[Bolton le Moors Christ Church, Lancashire|Bolton le Moors Christ Church]]
*Bolton le Moors Christ Church  
*[[Bolton le Moors Emmanuel, Lancashire|Bolton le Moors Emmanuel]]
*Bolton le Moors Emmanuel  
*[[Bolton le Moors Holy Trinity, Lancashire|Bolton le Moors Holy Trinity]]
*Bolton le Moors Holy Trinity  
*[[Bolton le Moors St George, Lancashire|Bolton le Moors St George]]
*Bolton le Moors St George  
*[[Bolton le Sands, Lancashire|Bolton le Sands]]
*Bolton le Sands  
*[[Little Bolton All Saints, Lancashire|Bolton, Little All Saints]]
*Bolton, Little All Saints  
*[[Little Bolton St John, Lancashire|Bolton, Little St John]]
*Bolton, Little St John  
*[[Bootle St Mary, Lancashire|Bootle St Mary]]
*Bootle St Mary  
*[[Bradshaw, Lancashire|Bradshaw]]
*[[Brathay, Lancashire|Brathay]]
*[[Bretherton, Lancashire|Bretherton]]
*[[Briercliffe, Lancashire|Briercliffe]]
*[[Brindle, Lancashire|Brindle]]
*[[Broughton, Lancashire|Broughton]]
*[[Broughton in Furness, Lancashire|Broughton in Furness]]
*Broughton in Furness  
*[[Field Broughton St Peter, Lancashire|Broughton, Field St Peter]]
*Broughton, Field St Peter  
*[[Burnley St Peter, Lancashire|Burnley St Peter]]
*Burnley St Peter  
*[[Burnley St James, Lancashire|Burnley St James]]
*Burnley St James  
*[[Burscough Bridge, Lancashire|Burscough Bridge]]
*Burscough Bridge  
*[[Burton Wood, Lancashire|Burton Wood]]
*Burton Wood  
*[[Bury St Mary, Lancashire|Bury St Mary]]
*Bury St Mary  
*[[Bury St John, Lancashire|Bury St John]]
*Bury St John  
*[[Bury St Paul, Lancashire|Bury St Paul]]
*Bury St Paul  
*[[Cartmel, Lancashire|Cartmel]]
*[[Cartmel Fell, Lancashire|Cartmel Fell]]
*Cartmel Fell  
*[[Caton with Littledale, Lancashire|Caton with Littledale]]
*Caton with Littledale  
*[[Chadderton St John, Lancashire|Chadderton St John]]
*Chadderton St John  
*[[Chadderton St Matthew, Lancashire|Chadderton St Matthew]]
*Chadderton St Matthew  
*[[Chatburn, Lancashire|Chatburn]]
*[[Cheetham Hill St Mark, Lancashire|Cheetham Hill St Mark]]
*Cheetham Hill St Mark  
*[[Childwall, Lancashire|Childwall]]
*[[Chipping, Lancashire|Chipping]]
*[[Chorley St Laurence, Lancashire|Chorley St Laurence]]
*Chorley St Laurence  
*[[Chorley St George, Lancashire|Chorley St George]]
*Chorley St George  
*[[Chorley St Peter, Lancashire|Chorley St Peter]]
*Chorley St Peter  
*[[Chorlton cum Hardy, Lancashire|Chorlton cum Hardy]]
*Chorlton cum Hardy  
*[[Chorlton upon Medlock All Saints, Lancashire|Chorlton upon Medlock All Saints]]
*Chorlton upon Medlock All Saints  
*[[Chorlton upon Medlock St Saviour, Lancashire|Chorlton upon Medlock St Saviour]]
*Chorlton upon Medlock St Saviour  
*[[Church Kirk, Lancashire|Church Kirk]]
*Church Kirk  
*[[Claughton, Lancashire|Claughton]]
*[[Clayton le Moors, Lancashire|Clayton le Moors]]
*Clayton le Moors  
*[[Clitheroe, Lancashire|Clitheroe]]
*[[Clitheroe Castle, Lancashire|Clitheroe Castle]]
*Clitheroe Castle  
*[[Clitheroe St James, Lancashire|Clitheroe St James]]
*Clitheroe St James  
*[[Cockerham, Lancashire|Cockerham]]
*[[Cockersand Abbey, Lancashire|Cockersand Abbey]]
*Cockersand Abbey  
*[[Coldhurst, Lancashire|Coldhurst]]
*[[Colne, Lancashire|Colne]]
*[[Colne Christ Church, Lancashire|Colne Christ Church]]
*Colne Christ Church  
*[[Colton, Lancashire|Colton]]
*[[Church Coniston, Lancashire|Coniston, Church]]
*Coniston, Church  
*[[Copp, Lancashire|Copp]]
*[[Coppull, Lancashire|Coppull]]
*[[Croft with Southworth, Lancashire|Croft with Southworth]]
*Croft with Southworth  
*[[East Crompton, Lancashire|Crompton, East]]
*Crompton, East  
*[[Great Crosby, Lancashire|Crosby, Great]]
*Crosby, Great  
*[[Crossens, Lancashire|Crossens]]
*[[Croston, Lancashire|Croston]]
*[[Croxteth Park, Lancashire|Croxteth Park]]
*Croxteth Park  
*[[Dalton in Furness, Lancashire|Dalton in Furness]]
*Dalton in Furness
| width="25%" |  
| width="25%" |  
*[[Over Darwen Holy Trinity, Lancashire|Darwen, Over Holy Trinity]]
*Darwen, Over Holy Trinity  
*[[Over Darwen St James, Lancashire|Darwen, Over St James]]
*Darwen, Over St James  
*[[Over Darwen Holy Trinity, Lancashire|Darwen, Over Holy Trinity]]
*Darwen, Over Holy Trinity  
*[[Deane, Lancashire|Deane]]
*[[Dendron, Lancashire|Dendron]]
*[[Denton, Lancashire|Denton]]
*[[Denton Christ Church, Lancashire|Denton Christ Church]]
*Denton Christ Church  
*[[West Derby St Mary, Lancashire|Derby, West St Mary]]
*Derby, West St Mary  
*[[Didsbury, Lancashire|Didsbury]]
*[[Downham, Lancashire|Downham]]
*[[Droylsden, Lancashire|Droylsden]]
*[[Eccles, Lancashire|Eccles]]
*[[Eccleston, Lancashire|Eccleston]]
*[[Eccleston Christ Church, Lancashire|Eccleston Christ Church]]
*Eccleston Christ Church  
*[[Eccleston St Thomas, Lancashire|Eccleston St Thomas]]
*Eccleston St Thomas  
*[[Edenfield, Lancashire|Edenfield]]
*[[Egton cum Newland, Lancashire|Egton cum Newland]]
*Egton cum Newland  
*[[Ellel, Lancashire|Ellel]]
*[[Elton, Lancashire|Elton]]
*[[Euxton, Lancashire|Euxton]]
*[[Everton St George, Lancashire|Everton St George]]
*Everton St George  
*[[Everton Christ Church, Lancashire|Everton Christ Church]]
*Everton Christ Church  
*[[Failsworth, Lancashire|Failsworth]]
*[[Farington, Lancashire|Farington]]
*[[Farnworth, Lancashire|Farnworth]]
*[[Farnworth and Kearsley, Lancashire|Farnworth and Kearsley]]
*Farnworth and Kearsley  
*[[Fence-in-Pendle, Lancashire|Fence-in-Pendle]]
*[[Feniscowles, Lancashire|Feniscowles]]
*[[Finsthwaite, Lancashire|Finsthwaite]]
*[[Flixton, Lancashire|Flixton]]
*[[Flookburgh, Lancashire|Flookburgh]]
*[[Formby, Lancashire|Formby]]
*[[Garstang, Lancashire|Garstang]]
*[[Garston, Lancashire|Garston]]
*[[Glasson, Lancashire|Glasson]]
*[[Glodwick, Lancashire|Glodwick]]
*[[Golborne, Lancashire|Golborne]]
*[[Goodshaw, Lancashire|Goodshaw]]
*[[Goosnargh, Lancashire|Goosnargh]]
*[[Gorton St James, Lancashire|Gorton St James]]
*Gorton St James  
*[[Gressingham, Lancashire|Gressingham]]
*[[Grimsargh, Lancashire|Grimsargh]]
*[[Habergham All Saints, Lancashire|Habergham All Saints]]
*Habergham All Saints  
*[[Habergham Eaves, Lancashire|Habergham Eaves]]
*Habergham Eaves  
*[[Haigh and Aspull, Lancashire|Haigh and Aspull]]
*Haigh and Aspull  
*[[Hale, Lancashire|Hale]]
*[[Halewood, Lancashire|Halewood]]
*[[Halliwell St Peter, Lancashire|Halliwell St Peter]]
*Halliwell St Peter  
*[[Halliwell St Paul, Lancashire|Halliwell St Paul]]
*Halliwell St Paul  
*[[Halsall, Lancashire|Halsall]]
*[[Halton, Lancashire|Halton]]
*[[Hambleton, Lancashire|Hambleton]]
*[[Harpurhey, Lancashire|Harpurhey]]
*[[Harwood, Lancashire|Harwood]]
*[[Great Harwood, Lancashire|Harwood, Great]]
*Harwood, Great  
*[[Haslingden, Lancashire|Haslingden]]
*[[Haverthwaite, Lancashire|Haverthwaite]]
*[[Hawkshead, Lancashire|Hawkshead]]
*[[Healey, Lancashire|Healey]]
*[[Heapey, Lancashire|Heapey]]
*[[Heaton Norris, Lancashire|Heaton Norris]]
*Heaton Norris  
*[[Henheads, Lancashire|Henheads]]
*[[Hesketh with Becconsall, Lancashire|Hesketh with Becconsall]]
*Hesketh with Becconsall  
*[[Hey, Lancashire|Hey]]
*[[Heyhouses, Lancashire|Heyhouses]]
*[[Heysham, Lancashire|Heysham]]
*[[Heywood, Lancashire|Heywood]]
*[[Heywood St James, Lancashire|Heywood St James]]
*Heywood St James  
*[[Hindley, Lancashire|Hindley]]
*[[Hoghton, Lancashire|Hoghton]]
*[[Holcombe, Lancashire|Holcombe]]
*[[Hollinfare, Lancashire|Hollinfare]]
*[[Hollinwood, Lancashire|Hollinwood]]
*[[Holme Island, Lancashire|Holme Island]]
*Holme Island  
*[[Holme St John, Lancashire|Holme St John]]
*Holme St John  
*[[Hoole, Lancashire|Hoole]]
*[[Hornby, Lancashire|Hornby]]
*[[Horwich, Lancashire|Horwich]]
*[[West Houghton, Lancashire|Houghton, West]]
*Houghton, West  
*[[Hulme St George, Lancashire|Hulme St George]]
*Hulme St George  
*[[Hulme St Mark, Lancashire|Hulme St Mark]]
*Hulme St Mark  
*[[Little Hulton, Lancashire|Hulton, Little]]
*Hulton, Little  
*[[Hundersfield, Lancashire|Hundersfield]]
*[[Hurst, Lancashire|Hurst]]
*[[Huyton, Lancashire|Huyton]]
*[[Inskip, Lancashire|Inskip]]
*[[Over Kellet, Lancashire|Kellet, Over]]
*Kellet, Over  
*[[Kirkby, Lancashire|Kirkby]]
*[[Kirkby Ireleth, Lancashire|Kirkby Ireleth]]
*Kirkby Ireleth  
*[[Kirkdale St Mary, Lancashire|Kirkdale St Mary]]
*Kirkdale St Mary  
*[[Kirkham, Lancashire|Kirkham]]
*[[Knotty Ash St John the Evangelist, Lancashire|Knotty Ash St John the Evangelist]]
*Knotty Ash St John the Evangelist  
*[[Knowsley, Lancashire|Knowsley]]
*[[Lancaster St Mary, Lancashire|Lancaster St Mary]]
*Lancaster St Mary  
*[[Lancaster Castle, Lancashire|Lancaster Castle]]
*Lancaster Castle  
*[[Lancaster St Anne, Lancashire|Lancaster St Anne]]
*Lancaster St Anne  
*[[Lancaster St John, Lancashire|Lancaster St John]]
*Lancaster St John  
*[[Lancaster St Thomas, Lancashire|Lancaster St Thomas]]
*Lancaster St Thomas  
*[[Lane Bridge, Lancashire|Lane Bridge]]
*Lane Bridge  
*[[Langho, Lancashire|Langho]]
*[[Lathom St James, Lancashire|Lathom St James]]
*Lathom St James  
*[[Leck, Lancashire|Leck]]
*[[Leesfield, Lancashire|Leesfield]]
*[[Leigh, Lancashire|Leigh]]
*[[Lever Bridge, Lancashire|Lever Bridge]]
*Lever Bridge  
*[[Little Lever, Lancashire|Lever, Little]]
*Lever, Little  
*[[Leyland, Lancashire|Leyland]]
*[[Lindale, Lancashire|Lindale]]
*[[Litherland Christ Church, Lancashire|Litherland Christ Church]]
*Litherland Christ Church  
*[[Littleborough, Lancashire|Littleborough]]
*[[Liverpool St Peter and St Nicholas, Lancashire|Liverpool St Peter and St Nicholas]]
*Liverpool St Peter and St Nicholas  
*[[Liverpool All Saints, Lancashire|Liverpool All Saints]]
*Liverpool All Saints  
*[[Liverpool All Souls Vauxhall, Lancashire|Liverpool All Souls Vauxhall]]
*Liverpool All Souls Vauxhall  
*[[Liverpool Holy Innocents, Lancashire|Liverpool Holy Innocents]]
*Liverpool Holy Innocents  
*[[Liverpool St Andrew, Lancashire|Liverpool St Andrew]]
*Liverpool St Andrew  
*[[Liverpool St Anne, Lancashire|Liverpool St Anne]]
*Liverpool St Anne  
*[[Liverpool St Barnabas, Lancashire|Liverpool St Barnabas]]
*Liverpool St Barnabas
| width="25%" |  
| width="25%" |  
*[[Liverpool St Bartholomew, Lancashire|Liverpool St Bartholomew]]
*Liverpool St Bartholomew  
*[[Liverpool St Bride, Lancashire|Liverpool St Bride]]
*Liverpool St Bride  
*[[Liverpool St Catherine, Lancashire|Liverpool St Catherine]]
*Liverpool St Catherine  
*[[Liverpool St David, Lancashire|Liverpool St David]]
*Liverpool St David  
*[[Liverpool St George, Lancashire|Liverpool St George]]
*Liverpool St George  
*[[Liverpool St John, Lancashire|Liverpool St John]]
*Liverpool St John  
*[[Liverpool St John the Evangelist, Lancashire|Liverpool St John the Evangelist]]
*Liverpool St John the Evangelist  
*[[Liverpool St Luke, Lancashire|Liverpool St Luke]]
*Liverpool St Luke  
*[[Liverpool St Mark, Lancashire|Liverpool St Mark]]
*Liverpool St Mark  
*[[Liverpool St Martin in the Fields, Lancashire|Liverpool St Martin in the Fields]]
*Liverpool St Martin in the Fields  
*[[Liverpool St Matthew, Lancashire|Liverpool St Matthew]]
*Liverpool St Matthew  
*[[Liverpool St Matthias, Lancashire|Liverpool St Matthias]]
*Liverpool St Matthias  
*[[Liverpool St Michael, Lancashire|Liverpool St Michael]]
*Liverpool St Michael  
*[[Liverpool St Paul, Lancashire|Liverpool St Paul]]
*Liverpool St Paul  
*[[Liverpool St Philip, Lancashire|Liverpool St Philip]]
*Liverpool St Philip  
*[[Liverpool St Saviour, Lancashire|Liverpool St Saviour]]
*Liverpool St Saviour  
*[[Liverpool St Silas, Lancashire|Liverpool St Silas]]
*Liverpool St Silas  
*[[Liverpool St Simon, Lancashire|Liverpool St Simon]]
*Liverpool St Simon  
*[[Liverpool St Stephen, Lancashire|Liverpool St Stephen]]
*Liverpool St Stephen  
*[[Longridge, Lancashire|Longridge]]
*[[Longton, Lancashire|Longton]]
*[[Lowick, Lancashire|Lowick]]
*[[Lowton, Lancashire|Lowton]]
*[[Lumb, Lancashire|Lumb]]
*[[Lund, Lancashire|Lund]]
*[[Lydiate, Lancashire|Lydiate]]
*[[Lytham, Lancashire|Lytham]]
*[[Lytham St John, Lancashire|Lytham St John]]
*Lytham St John  
*[[Maghull, Lancashire|Maghull]]
*[[Manchester Our Lady, St George and St Denys, Lancashire|Manchester Our Lady, St George and St Denys]]
*Manchester Our Lady, St George and St Denys  
*[[Manchester All Souls, Lancashire|Manchester All Souls]]
*Manchester All Souls  
*[[Manchester St Ann, Lancashire|Manchester St Ann]]
*Manchester St Ann  
*[[Manchester St Barnabas, Lancashire|Manchester St Barnabas]]
*Manchester St Barnabas  
*[[Manchester St George, Lancashire|Manchester St George]]
*Manchester St George  
*[[Manchester St James, Lancashire|Manchester St James]]
*Manchester St James  
*[[Manchester St John, Lancashire|Manchester St John]]
*Manchester St John  
*[[Manchester St Mary, Lancashire|Manchester St Mary]]
*Manchester St Mary  
*[[Manchester St Matthew, Campfield, Lancashire|Manchester St Matthew, Campfield]]
*Manchester St Matthew, Campfield  
*[[Manchester St Michael, Lancashire|Manchester St Michael]]
*Manchester St Michael  
*[[Manchester St Paul, Lancashire|Manchester St Paul]]
*Manchester St Paul  
*[[Manchester St Peter, Lancashire|Manchester St Peter]]
*Manchester St Peter  
*[[Manchester St Peter, Oldham Road, Lancashire|Manchester St Peter, Oldham Road]]
*Manchester St Peter, Oldham Road  
*[[Manchester St Philip, Lancashire|Manchester St Philip]]
*Manchester St Philip  
*[[Manchester St Philip, Bradford Road, Lancashire|Manchester St Philip, Bradford Road]]
*Manchester St Philip, Bradford Road  
*[[Great Marsden, Lancashire|Marsden, Great]]
*Marsden, Great  
*[[Little Marsden, Lancashire|Marsden, Little]]
*Marsden, Little  
*[[Marton, Lancashire|Marton]]
*[[Mawdesley with Bispham, Lancashire|Mawdesley with Bispham]]
*Mawdesley with Bispham  
*[[Melling, Lancashire|Melling]]
*[[Melling (near Liverpool), Lancashire|Melling (near Liverpool)]]
*Melling (near Liverpool)  
*[[Mellor, Lancashire|Mellor]]
*[[North Meols, Lancashire|Meols, North]]
*Meols, North  
*[[Middleton, Lancashire|Middleton]]
*[[Milnrow, Lancashire|Milnrow]]
*[[Mossley, Lancashire|Mossley]]
*[[Musbury, Lancashire|Musbury]]
*[[Newchurch, Lancashire|Newchurch]]
*[[Newchurch in Pendle, Lancashire|Newchurch in Pendle]]
*Newchurch in Pendle  
*[[Newchurch in Rossendale, Lancashire|Newchurch in Rossendale]]
*Newchurch in Rossendale  
*[[Newton All Saints, Lancashire|Newton All Saints]]
*Newton All Saints  
*[[Newton in Makerfield, Lancashire|Newton in Makerfield]]
*Newton in Makerfield  
*[[Newton in Makerfield St Peter, Lancashire|Newton in Makerfield St Peter]]
*Newton in Makerfield St Peter  
*[[Oldham St Mary, Lancashire|Oldham St Mary]]
*Oldham St Mary  
*[[Oldham St James, Lancashire|Oldham St James]]
*Oldham St James  
*[[Oldham St Peter, Lancashire|Oldham St Peter]]
*Oldham St Peter  
*[[Openshaw, Lancashire|Openshaw]]
*[[Ormskirk, Lancashire|Ormskirk]]
*[[Overton, Lancashire|Overton]]
*[[Paddington, Lancashire|Paddington]]
*[[Padgate, Lancashire|Padgate]]
*[[Padiham, Lancashire|Padiham]]
*[[Parr, Lancashire|Parr]]
*[[Peel, Lancashire|Peel]]
*[[Pemberton, Lancashire|Pemberton]]
*[[Pendlebury, Lancashire|Pendlebury]]
*[[Pendleton, Lancashire|Pendleton]]
*[[Pendleton Hall, Lancashire|Pendleton Hall]]
*Pendleton Hall  
*[[Pennington, Lancashire|Pennington]]
*[[Penwortham, Lancashire|Penwortham]]
*[[Pilling, Lancashire|Pilling]]
*[[Poulton, Lancashire|Poulton]]
*[[Poulton le Fylde, Lancashire|Poulton le Fylde]]
*Poulton le Fylde  
*[[Prescot, Lancashire|Prescot]]
*[[Preston St Wilfrid, Lancashire|Preston St Wilfrid]]
*Preston St Wilfrid  
*[[Preston Christ Church, Lancashire|Preston Christ Church]]
*Preston Christ Church  
*[[Preston Holy Trinity, Lancashire|Preston Holy Trinity]]
*Preston Holy Trinity  
*[[Preston St George, Lancashire|Preston St George]]
*Preston St George  
*[[Preston St James, Lancashire|Preston St James]]
*Preston St James  
*[[Preston St Mary, Lancashire|Preston St Mary]]
*Preston St Mary  
*[[Preston St Paul, Lancashire|Preston St Paul]]
*Preston St Paul  
*[[Preston St Peter, Lancashire|Preston St Peter]]
*Preston St Peter  
*[[Prestwich St Mary, Lancashire|Prestwich St Mary]]
*Prestwich St Mary  
*[[Quernmore, Lancashire|Quernmore]]
*[[Radcliffe, Lancashire|Radcliffe]]
*[[Radcliffe St Thomas, Lancashire|Radcliffe St Thomas]]
*Radcliffe St Thomas  
*[[Rainford, Lancashire|Rainford]]
*[[Rainhill, Lancashire|Rainhill]]
*[[Rampside, Lancashire|Rampside]]
*[[Ramsbottom, Lancashire|Ramsbottom]]
*[[Out Rawcliffe, Lancashire|Rawcliffe, Out]]
*Rawcliffe, Out  
*[[Rawtenstall, Lancashire|Rawtenstall]]
*[[Reedley Hallows, Filly Close and New Laund Booth , Lancashire|Reedley Hallows, Filly Close and New Laund Booth]]
*Reedley Hallows, Filly Close and New Laund Booth  
*[[Ribby cum Wrea, Lancashire|Ribby cum Wrea]]
*Ribby cum Wrea  
*[[Ribchester, Lancashire|Ribchester]]
*[[Ringley, Lancashire|Ringley]]
*[[Rivington, Lancashire|Rivington]]
*[[Royton, Lancashire|Royton]]
*[[Rufford, Lancashire|Rufford]]
*[[Rusland, Lancashire|Rusland]]
*[[Salesbury, Lancashire|Salesbury]]
| width="25%" |  
| width="25%" |  
*[[Salford Holy Trinity, Lancashire|Salford Holy Trinity]]
*Salford Holy Trinity  
*[[Salford Christ Church, Lancashire|Salford Christ Church]]
*Salford Christ Church  
*[[Salford St Bartholomew, Lancashire|Salford St Bartholomew]]
*Salford St Bartholomew  
*[[Salford St Matthias, Lancashire|Salford St Matthias]]
*Salford St Matthias  
*[[Salford St Philip, Lancashire|Salford St Philip]]
*Salford St Philip  
*[[Salford St Simon, Lancashire|Salford St Simon]]
*Salford St Simon  
*[[Salford St Stephen, Lancashire|Salford St Stephen]]
*Salford St Stephen  
*[[Samlesbury, Lancashire|Samlesbury]]
*[[Great Sankey, Lancashire|Sankey, Great]]
*Sankey, Great  
*[[Satterthwaite, Lancashire|Satterthwaite]]
*[[Scarisbrick, Lancashire|Scarisbrick]]
*[[Seaforth, Lancashire|Seaforth]]
*[[Seathwaite, Lancashire|Seathwaite]]
*[[Sefton, Lancashire|Sefton]]
*[[Shaw, Lancashire|Shaw]]
*[[Shireshead, Lancashire|Shireshead]]
*[[South Shore Holy Trinity, Lancashire|Shore, South Holy Trinity]]
*Shore, South Holy Trinity  
*[[Shuttleworth, Lancashire|Shuttleworth]]
*[[Silverdale, Lancashire|Silverdale]]
*[[Singleton, Lancashire|Singleton]]
*[[Skelmersdale, Lancashire|Skelmersdale]]
*[[Skerton, Lancashire|Skerton]]
*[[Smallbridge, Lancashire|Smallbridge]]
*[[Southport Christ Church, Lancashire|Southport Christ Church]]
*Southport Christ Church  
*[[Spotland, Lancashire|Spotland]]
*[[St Helens, Lancashire|St Helens]]
*St Helens  
*[[St Michael on Wyre, Lancashire|St Michael on Wyre]]
*St Michael on Wyre  
*[[Stalmine, Lancashire|Stalmine]]
*[[Stalybridge New St George, Lancashire|Stalybridge New St George]]
*Stalybridge New St George  
*[[Stalybridge Old St George, Lancashire|Stalybridge Old St George]]
*Stalybridge Old St George  
*[[Stand, Lancashire|Stand]]
*[[Standish, Lancashire|Standish]]
*[[Staveley, Lancashire|Staveley]]
*[[Stidd, Lancashire|Stidd]]
*[[Stretford St Matthew, Lancashire|Stretford St Matthew]]
*Stretford St Matthew  
*[[Sutton, Lancashire|Sutton]]
*[[Swinton St Peter, Lancashire|Swinton St Peter]]
*Swinton St Peter  
*[[Tarleton, Lancashire|Tarleton]]
*[[Tatham, Lancashire|Tatham]]
*[[Tatham Fells, Lancashire|Tatham Fells]]
*Tatham Fells  
*[[Thornton, Lancashire|Thornton]]
*[[Tockholes, Lancashire|Tockholes]]
*[[Tonge, Lancashire|Tonge]]
*[[Tonge cum Alkrington, Lancashire|Tonge cum Alkrington]]
*Tonge cum Alkrington  
*[[Torver, Lancashire|Torver]]
*[[Tottington, Lancashire|Tottington]]
*[[Toxteth Park, Lancashire|Toxteth Park]]
*Toxteth Park  
*[[Toxteth Park St Clement, Lancashire|Toxteth Park St Clement]]
*Toxteth Park St Clement  
*[[Toxteth Park St James, Lancashire|Toxteth Park St James]]
*Toxteth Park St James  
*[[Toxteth Park St John the Baptist, Lancashire|Toxteth Park St John the Baptist]]
*Toxteth Park St John the Baptist  
*[[Toxteth Park St Thomas, Lancashire|Toxteth Park St Thomas]]
*Toxteth Park St Thomas  
*[[Tunstal, Lancashire|Tunstal]]
*[[Turton, Lancashire|Turton]]
*[[Tydesley cum Shakerley, Lancashire|Tydesley cum Shakerley]]
*Tydesley cum Shakerley  
*[[Ulverston, Lancashire|Ulverston]]
*[[Ulverston Holy Trinity, Lancashire|Ulverston Holy Trinity]]
*Ulverston Holy Trinity  
*[[Unsworth, Lancashire|Unsworth]]
*[[Upholland, Lancashire|Upholland]]
*[[Urswick, Lancashire|Urswick]]
*[[Walmersley, Lancashire|Walmersley]]
*[[Walmsley, Lancashire|Walmsley]]
*[[Walney, Lancashire|Walney]]
*[[Walsden, Lancashire|Walsden]]
*[[Walton le Dale, Lancashire|Walton le Dale]]
*Walton le Dale  
*[[Walton on the Hill St Mary, Lancashire|Walton on the Hill St Mary]]
*Walton on the Hill St Mary  
*[[Wardle St James, Lancashire|Wardle St James]]
*Wardle St James  
*[[Wardleworth St James, Lancashire|Wardleworth St James]]
*Wardleworth St James  
*[[Wardleworth St Mary, Lancashire|Wardleworth St Mary]]
*Wardleworth St Mary  
*[[Warrington St Elfin, Lancashire|Warrington St Elfin]]
*Warrington St Elfin  
*[[Warrington Christ Church, Lancashire|Warrington Christ Church]]
*Warrington Christ Church  
*[[Warrington Holy Trinity, Lancashire|Warrington Holy Trinity]]
*Warrington Holy Trinity  
*[[Warrington St Paul, Lancashire|Warrington St Paul]]
*Warrington St Paul  
*[[Warton (near Kirkham), Lancashire|Warton (near Kirkham)]]
*Warton (near Kirkham)  
*[[Warton (near Lancaster), Lancashire|Warton (near Lancaster)]]
*Warton (near Lancaster)  
*[[Waterhead, Lancashire|Waterhead]]
*[[Wavertree Holy Trinity, Lancashire|Wavertree Holy Trinity]]
*Wavertree Holy Trinity  
*[[Weeton, Lancashire|Weeton]]
*[[Werneth, Lancashire|Werneth]]
*[[Westleigh St Paul, Lancashire|Westleigh St Paul]]
*Westleigh St Paul  
*[[Whitechapel, Lancashire|Whitechapel]]
*[[Whittington, Lancashire|Whittington]]
*[[Whittle le Woods, Lancashire|Whittle le Woods]]
*Whittle le Woods  
*[[Whitworth, Lancashire|Whitworth]]
*[[Wigan All Saints, Lancashire|Wigan All Saints]]
*Wigan All Saints  
*[[Wigan St Catherine, Lancashire|Wigan St Catherine]]
*Wigan St Catherine  
*[[Wigan St George, Lancashire|Wigan St George]]
*Wigan St George  
*[[Winwick, Lancashire|Winwick]]
*[[Withnell, Lancashire|Withnell]]
*[[Witton, Lancashire|Witton]]
*[[Woodland, Lancashire|Woodland]]
*[[Woodplumpton, Lancashire|Woodplumpton]]
*[[Much Woolton, Lancashire|Woolton, Much]]
*Woolton, Much  
*[[Worsley, Lancashire|Worsley]]
*[[Worsthorne, Lancashire|Worsthorne]]
*[[Wray, Lancashire|Wray]]
*[[Wyresdale, Lancashire|Wyresdale]]
*[[Yate and Pickup Bank, Lancashire|Yate and Pickup Bank]]
*Yate and Pickup Bank  
*[[Yealand, Lancashire|Yealand]]
*[[Hurst Green, Lancashire|Hurst Green]]
*Hurst Green  
*[[Mitton, Lancashire|Mitton]]
*[[Rochdale St Chad, Lancashire|Rochdale St Chad]]
*Rochdale St Chad  
*[[Todmorden, Lancashire|Todmorden]]
*[[Whalley, Lancashire|Whalley]]

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Historical populations
Census Pop.
1801 673,486
1811 828,499 23.0%
1821 1,052,948 27.1%
1831 1,336,854 27.0%
1841 1,667,054 24.7%
1851 2,031,236 21.8%
1861 2,429,440 19.6%
1871 2,819,495 16.1%
1881 3,454,441 22.5%
1891an. 3,926,762 13.7%
1891ad. 3,896,554 −0.8%
1901 4,372,688 12.2%
1911 4,761,534 8.9%
1921 4,932,951 3.6%
1931 5,039,455 2.2%
Note: 1801-1891 Ancient county, 1891-1931 Administrative county
Source: 1931 Census


Census Records of Lancashire

To search for ancestry in Lancashire census records, first search for indexes. These are available at several online locations including,,,, and others as well on microfilm at the Lancashire Record Office, The Family History Library, The Society of Genealogists as well as The National Archives, Kew. For online (free) sites, also see (click "England", then "Lancashire" and then "Census" for additional census transcriptions and indexes for Lancashire). 

The Manchester and Lancashire Family History Society have compiled transcriptions to a rare set of the--as yet--largely inaccessible "unfilmed 1851 census" of Lancashire and have made these available for purchase. They are now available at the Family History Library (but not its satellite family history centers). They include the following Lancashire townships and parishes:

Transcript of the unfilmed 1851 census returns, Ardwick HO107/2220
Transcript of the unfilmed 1851 census returns, Ashton-under-Lyne HO107/2233
Transcript of the unfilmed 1851 census returns, Chorlton on Medlock : HO107/2220
Transcript of the unfilmed 1851 census returns, Hulme HO107/2221
Transcript of the unfilmed 1851 census returns, Manchester St. George HO 107/2230
Transcript of the unfilmed 1851 census returns, Pendleton & Pendlebury HO107/2222
Transcript of the unfilmed 1851 census returns, Prestwich, Blackley, and Harpurhey HO107/2232
Transcript of the unfilmed 1851 census returns, Salford Greengate HO107/2223
Transcript of the unfilmed 1851 census returns, Salford Regent Road

Click on the parish name to link to the Family History Library Catolog entry for that parish.
Return to the Lancashire County page.

  • Accrington St James
  • Adlington
  • Admarsh
  • Aigburth
  • Ainsworth
  • Aldingham
  • Altcar
  • Altham
  • Ancoats St Andrew
  • Angerton
  • Ardwick St Thomas
  • Arkholme
  • Ashton in Makerfield
  • Ashton in Makerfield Holy Trinity
  • Ashton under Lyne St Michael
  • Ashton under Lyne Christ Church
  • Ashton under Lyne St Peter
  • Ashton upon Ribble St Andrew
  • Ashworth
  • Astley
  • Astley Bridge
  • Atherton
  • Audenshaw
  • Aughton
  • Bacup
  • Balderstone
  • Bamber Bridge St Saviour
  • Bardsley
  • Barrowford
  • Barton
  • Barton upon Irwell
  • Bedford Leigh
  • Beswick
  • Bevington
  • Bickerstaffe
  • Billinge
  • Birch
  • Birch in Rusholme
  • Bircle
  • Bispham
  • Blackburn St Mary
  • Blackburn Holy Trinity
  • Blackburn St John
  • Blackburn St Michael and All Angels
  • Blackburn St Paul
  • Blackburn St Peter
  • Blackley St Peter
  • Blackpool St John
  • Blackrod
  • Blawith
  • Bolton le Moors St Peter
  • Bolton le Moors Christ Church
  • Bolton le Moors Emmanuel
  • Bolton le Moors Holy Trinity
  • Bolton le Moors St George
  • Bolton le Sands
  • Bolton, Little All Saints
  • Bolton, Little St John
  • Bootle St Mary
  • Bradshaw
  • Brathay
  • Bretherton
  • Briercliffe
  • Brindle
  • Broughton
  • Broughton in Furness
  • Broughton, Field St Peter
  • Burnley St Peter
  • Burnley St James
  • Burscough Bridge
  • Burton Wood
  • Bury St Mary
  • Bury St John
  • Bury St Paul
  • Cartmel
  • Cartmel Fell
  • Caton with Littledale
  • Chadderton St John
  • Chadderton St Matthew
  • Chatburn
  • Cheetham Hill St Mark
  • Childwall
  • Chipping
  • Chorley St Laurence
  • Chorley St George
  • Chorley St Peter
  • Chorlton cum Hardy
  • Chorlton upon Medlock All Saints
  • Chorlton upon Medlock St Saviour
  • Church Kirk
  • Claughton
  • Clayton le Moors
  • Clitheroe
  • Clitheroe Castle
  • Clitheroe St James
  • Cockerham
  • Cockersand Abbey
  • Coldhurst
  • Colne
  • Colne Christ Church
  • Colton
  • Coniston, Church
  • Copp
  • Coppull
  • Croft with Southworth
  • Crompton, East
  • Crosby, Great
  • Crossens
  • Croston
  • Croxteth Park
  • Dalton in Furness
  • Darwen, Over Holy Trinity
  • Darwen, Over St James
  • Darwen, Over Holy Trinity
  • Deane
  • Dendron
  • Denton
  • Denton Christ Church
  • Derby, West St Mary
  • Didsbury
  • Downham
  • Droylsden
  • Eccles
  • Eccleston
  • Eccleston Christ Church
  • Eccleston St Thomas
  • Edenfield
  • Egton cum Newland
  • Ellel
  • Elton
  • Euxton
  • Everton St George
  • Everton Christ Church
  • Failsworth
  • Farington
  • Farnworth
  • Farnworth and Kearsley
  • Fence-in-Pendle
  • Feniscowles
  • Finsthwaite
  • Flixton
  • Flookburgh
  • Formby
  • Garstang
  • Garston
  • Glasson
  • Glodwick
  • Golborne
  • Goodshaw
  • Goosnargh
  • Gorton St James
  • Gressingham
  • Grimsargh
  • Habergham All Saints
  • Habergham Eaves
  • Haigh and Aspull
  • Hale
  • Halewood
  • Halliwell St Peter
  • Halliwell St Paul
  • Halsall
  • Halton
  • Hambleton
  • Harpurhey
  • Harwood
  • Harwood, Great
  • Haslingden
  • Haverthwaite
  • Hawkshead
  • Healey
  • Heapey
  • Heaton Norris
  • Henheads
  • Hesketh with Becconsall
  • Hey
  • Heyhouses
  • Heysham
  • Heywood
  • Heywood St James
  • Hindley
  • Hoghton
  • Holcombe
  • Hollinfare
  • Hollinwood
  • Holme Island
  • Holme St John
  • Hoole
  • Hornby
  • Horwich
  • Houghton, West
  • Hulme St George
  • Hulme St Mark
  • Hulton, Little
  • Hundersfield
  • Hurst
  • Huyton
  • Inskip
  • Kellet, Over
  • Kirkby
  • Kirkby Ireleth
  • Kirkdale St Mary
  • Kirkham
  • Knotty Ash St John the Evangelist
  • Knowsley
  • Lancaster St Mary
  • Lancaster Castle
  • Lancaster St Anne
  • Lancaster St John
  • Lancaster St Thomas
  • Lane Bridge
  • Langho
  • Lathom St James
  • Leck
  • Leesfield
  • Leigh
  • Lever Bridge
  • Lever, Little
  • Leyland
  • Lindale
  • Litherland Christ Church
  • Littleborough
  • Liverpool St Peter and St Nicholas
  • Liverpool All Saints
  • Liverpool All Souls Vauxhall
  • Liverpool Holy Innocents
  • Liverpool St Andrew
  • Liverpool St Anne
  • Liverpool St Barnabas
  • Liverpool St Bartholomew
  • Liverpool St Bride
  • Liverpool St Catherine
  • Liverpool St David
  • Liverpool St George
  • Liverpool St John
  • Liverpool St John the Evangelist
  • Liverpool St Luke
  • Liverpool St Mark
  • Liverpool St Martin in the Fields
  • Liverpool St Matthew
  • Liverpool St Matthias
  • Liverpool St Michael
  • Liverpool St Paul
  • Liverpool St Philip
  • Liverpool St Saviour
  • Liverpool St Silas
  • Liverpool St Simon
  • Liverpool St Stephen
  • Longridge
  • Longton
  • Lowick
  • Lowton
  • Lumb
  • Lund
  • Lydiate
  • Lytham
  • Lytham St John
  • Maghull
  • Manchester Our Lady, St George and St Denys
  • Manchester All Souls
  • Manchester St Ann
  • Manchester St Barnabas
  • Manchester St George
  • Manchester St James
  • Manchester St John
  • Manchester St Mary
  • Manchester St Matthew, Campfield
  • Manchester St Michael
  • Manchester St Paul
  • Manchester St Peter
  • Manchester St Peter, Oldham Road
  • Manchester St Philip
  • Manchester St Philip, Bradford Road
  • Marsden, Great
  • Marsden, Little
  • Marton
  • Mawdesley with Bispham
  • Melling
  • Melling (near Liverpool)
  • Mellor
  • Meols, North
  • Middleton
  • Milnrow
  • Mossley
  • Musbury
  • Newchurch
  • Newchurch in Pendle
  • Newchurch in Rossendale
  • Newton All Saints
  • Newton in Makerfield
  • Newton in Makerfield St Peter
  • Oldham St Mary
  • Oldham St James
  • Oldham St Peter
  • Openshaw
  • Ormskirk
  • Overton
  • Paddington
  • Padgate
  • Padiham
  • Parr
  • Peel
  • Pemberton
  • Pendlebury
  • Pendleton
  • Pendleton Hall
  • Pennington
  • Penwortham
  • Pilling
  • Poulton
  • Poulton le Fylde
  • Prescot
  • Preston St Wilfrid
  • Preston Christ Church
  • Preston Holy Trinity
  • Preston St George
  • Preston St James
  • Preston St Mary
  • Preston St Paul
  • Preston St Peter
  • Prestwich St Mary
  • Quernmore
  • Radcliffe
  • Radcliffe St Thomas
  • Rainford
  • Rainhill
  • Rampside
  • Ramsbottom
  • Rawcliffe, Out
  • Rawtenstall
  • Reedley Hallows, Filly Close and New Laund Booth
  • Ribby cum Wrea
  • Ribchester
  • Ringley
  • Rivington
  • Royton
  • Rufford
  • Rusland
  • Salesbury
  • Salford Holy Trinity
  • Salford Christ Church
  • Salford St Bartholomew
  • Salford St Matthias
  • Salford St Philip
  • Salford St Simon
  • Salford St Stephen
  • Samlesbury
  • Sankey, Great
  • Satterthwaite
  • Scarisbrick
  • Seaforth
  • Seathwaite
  • Sefton
  • Shaw
  • Shireshead
  • Shore, South Holy Trinity
  • Shuttleworth
  • Silverdale
  • Singleton
  • Skelmersdale
  • Skerton
  • Smallbridge
  • Southport Christ Church
  • Spotland
  • St Helens
  • St Michael on Wyre
  • Stalmine
  • Stalybridge New St George
  • Stalybridge Old St George
  • Stand
  • Standish
  • Staveley
  • Stidd
  • Stretford St Matthew
  • Sutton
  • Swinton St Peter
  • Tarleton
  • Tatham
  • Tatham Fells
  • Thornton
  • Tockholes
  • Tonge
  • Tonge cum Alkrington
  • Torver
  • Tottington
  • Toxteth Park
  • Toxteth Park St Clement
  • Toxteth Park St James
  • Toxteth Park St John the Baptist
  • Toxteth Park St Thomas
  • Tunstal
  • Turton
  • Tydesley cum Shakerley
  • Ulverston
  • Ulverston Holy Trinity
  • Unsworth
  • Upholland
  • Urswick
  • Walmersley
  • Walmsley
  • Walney
  • Walsden
  • Walton le Dale
  • Walton on the Hill St Mary
  • Wardle St James
  • Wardleworth St James
  • Wardleworth St Mary
  • Warrington St Elfin
  • Warrington Christ Church
  • Warrington Holy Trinity
  • Warrington St Paul
  • Warton (near Kirkham)
  • Warton (near Lancaster)
  • Waterhead
  • Wavertree Holy Trinity
  • Weeton
  • Werneth
  • Westleigh St Paul
  • Whitechapel
  • Whittington
  • Whittle le Woods
  • Whitworth
  • Wigan All Saints
  • Wigan St Catherine
  • Wigan St George
  • Winwick
  • Withnell
  • Witton
  • Woodland
  • Woodplumpton
  • Woolton, Much
  • Worsley
  • Worsthorne
  • Wray
  • Wyresdale
  • Yate and Pickup Bank
  • Yealand
  • Hurst Green
  • Mitton
  • Rochdale St Chad
  • Todmorden
  • Whalley