Lancashire Ancient Parishes

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Below is the list of Lancashire's 75 ancient parishes that comprise it. Each link contains a treasure of information--including information about the creation of and parish or chapel history, about census records and especially numerous links to parish online data from baptism, marriage and burial (and etc) registers.

Key Strategy: Lancashire and its 75 parishes, unlike most other England counties, is comprised of over 400 chapelries. These chapelries subdivided each parish and to which they were attached.

Click the link (below) to find out to which chapelries were attached to the ancient parish and then be certain to search for your ancestor in both and all of those chapelries attached to it (the ancient parish). You can click "Comprehensive List of Chapelries" link in each Parish page to view and printout a list of chapelries attached to the parish. For the sake of thoroughness in research, searching all attached chapels as well as in the parish registers is a "must-do" step, in order to locate and prove Lancashire ancestral connections.