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*[[Clinton County, New York]]
*[[Clinton County, New York]]
<br>'''[[Image:Champlain map.png|thumb|right|300px]]'''  
<br>'''[[Image:Champlain map.png|thumb|right|300px|Champlain map.png]]'''  
<br> <br>
{{New York|New York}} {{Vermont|Vermont}}
=== Websites  ===
=== Websites  ===

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To New York to Vermont to Canada to Quebec

Mohawk Trail map.png


The Lake Champlain Trail followed the Hudson River north from Albany, New York to Lake Champlain following the west shore of the lake to Sorel-Tracy, Quebec. The Champlain Canal after its construction in 1823 ran parallel to parts of the trail.


The top map shows some of the trails in New York including the Lake Champlain Trail. The lower map is of the Lake Champlain Canal which ran parallel to the trail in many areas.

New York Counties

The counties that were covered by the Lake Champlain Trail that may have records are:

Champlain map.png