Laga Skifte Historical Maps of Sweden

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Sweden Gotoarrow.png Laga Skifte Historical Maps of Sweden

The Laga skifte was the next land reform. The decision was made in 1827 to do another land reform that ended both the Storskifte and the Enskifte. Beginning in 1828 the Laga Skifte was in effect. Although the Enskifte was ended, the Laga Skifte really can be seen as continuation and revision of the Enskifte. The only difference was that each farm would have 2 parts of arable land or meadow, and 1 part of forest. Ideally these parts would be on one lot. The process began when at least one farmer in the village requested the Laga Skifte. A lantmätare was brought in to evaluate the land and create a map of the village. Then the lantmätare worked with 2 skiftesgodemännen to come up with a solution of creating farm boundaries that met the requirements on one piece of land (as much as possible.) Another rule was that the new lot of land should produce exactly the same amount as the old farm lot. The letters assigned to the lots on the map correspond to the supporting documents. It’s generally said that the Laga Skifte broke up the old villages. But really, the Laga Skifte was just continuing the process begun with the Storskifte.


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