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La Rioja Province, Argentina Genealogy

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Argentina Gotoarrow.png Provinces Gotoarrow.png La Rioja

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Getting started with research in La Rioja[edit | edit source]

See FamilySearch Tutorials on Latin American Research.

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Le invitamos a buscar información en español en la página de Argentina en el wiki de FamilySearch español. También le invitamos a compartir información útil allí. Véase el enlace en la parte inferior de la página.

Jurisdictions[edit | edit source]

Argentina is politically divided into 23 provinces and 1 autonomous city. Understanding political divisions is essential to doing family history, because these divisions determine where records are recorded and archived. To learn more about Argentina's political division. Click here. To see a list of other provinces we invite you to visit the Provinces of Argentina page.

Research Tools[edit | edit source]

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