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For information about the history of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints see the following sections of this outline:

  • "Colonization" describes the history of Church settlements and colonies.
  • "Emigration and Immigration" briefly explains the history and describes the records of Saints who emigrated from Britain, Europe, and Scandinavia, and the journey of the pioneers to Utah.
  • "Historical Geography" includes reference sources that describe the history of wards, branches, stakes, missions, and their boundaries. Boundary information can help you find ward, branch, and mission records.
  • "History" discusses key events that affected the lives of Church members and their record keeping. It also lists selected general Church histories, and explains how to find histories of some individual branches, wards, stakes, and missions.
  • "LDS History" gives a time line of the events that affected Church members and their record keeping. Guides to general church histories and local history units can also be found on this page.