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Kentucky Periodicals

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Most family history periodicals publish transcriptions of local sources used in genealogical research. Information published in periodicals may include family histories, genealogies, historical background of the locality, maps, information about local records and archives, queries, census indexes, transcripts of family Bibles, church records, court records, cemetery records, land records, obituaries, wills, and more. Often published by genealogical or historical societies, they typically focus on the records of a particular county or region, while a few may specialize in records of a particular ethnic group or religion. Among the periodicals for Kentucky at the Family History Library are:

Bluegrass Roots. 1973–. Published by the Kentucky Genealogical Society, P.O. Box 153, Frankfort, KY 40602. This periodical covers the entire state. A table of contents for back issues, beginning in 1976, is available on the web site of the Kentucky Genealogical Society. A cumulative index to the periodical is:

Harney, Brian D. Cumulative Index to "Bluegrass Roots," 1973–1984. 1st ed. Frankfort, KY: Kentucky Genealogical Society, 1985.

The Bulletin. 1968–. Published by the West- Central Kentucky Family Research Association, P.O. Box 1932, Owensboro, KY 42302. Information in this quarterly periodical focuses on 19 counties, from Union to Christian Counties on the west to Breckenridge and Allen Counties on the east.

The East Kentuckian: A Journal of History and Genealogy. 1965–. Harold, KY: Hall Printing, P.O. Box 24202, Lexington, KY 20524. Information in this periodical focuses on 40 counties lying east of a line, from Maysville to Monticello, Kentucky.

The Filson Club History Quarterly. 1927–. Published by the Filson Club Historical Society, 1310 South Third Street, Louisville, KY 40208. This journal publishes articles on the history of Kentucky. It also includes material on the Ohio Valley and the upper South as they relate to the state of Kentucky.

Kentucky Ancestors. 1965–. Published quarterly by the Kentucky Historical Society, 100 West Broadway, Frankfort, KY 40601. (Family History Library films 924765–6.) This periodical covers the entire state. It contains transcripts of court records, vital records, censuses, newspapers, journals, and research helps.

The Kentucky Genealogist. 1959–1986. Washington DC: Martha Porter Miller, 1959–1986. This periodical covers the entire state and contains abstracts of Bible, cemetery, census, probate, court, church, and military records. Each volume is indexed. It ceased publication in 1986.

Kentucky Pioneer Genealogy and Records: A Genealogical Journal Devoted to Kentucky. 1979–. Published by the Society of Kentucky Pioneers, 11129 Pleasantville Rd., Utica, KY 42376. This quarterly includes a 1979 index and indexes in the last volume of each year. It contains research helps; book reviews; and abstracts of cemetery, Bible, tax, census, and other county records.

The Register of the Kentucky State Historical Society. 1902–. Published by the Kentucky Historical Society, 100 West Broadway, Frankfort, KY 40601. (on 28 Family History Library films, beginning with 169079.) This periodical covers the entire state and includes a separate index for volumes 1 to 43. It contains articles on various aspects of Kentucky history and culture.

Traces of South Central Kentucky. 1982–. Published by the South Central Genealogical and Historical Society, P.O. Box 80, Glasgow, KY 12141. This is a continuation of South Central Kentucky Historical and Genealogical Society Quarterly, which was published from 1974 to 1981. This periodical presents genealogical and historical information from south central Kentucky counties centered by Barren County, Kentucky.

Western Kentucky Journal. 1994–. Newburgh, Indiana: B.J. Jerome, P.O. Box 325, Newburgh, IN 47629–0325. The periodical contains records from 17 counties bounded on the east by a line between Henderson and Christian Counties. A table of contents for back issues, beginning in 1976, is available on the Western Kentucky Journal web site at

Indexes. Some of the periodicals listed above have annual indexes in the final issue for the year.

A comprehensive name index to a number of Kentucky genealogical journals is:

Trapp, Glenda K. Kentucky Genealogical Index: An Every Name Index to "Kentucky Ancestors," "Kentucky Genealogist," "Kentucky Pioneer Genealogy & Record," and "The East Kentuckian," all Issues through 1980. Evansville, Indiana: Cook Publications, 1985. The library has volume 1 of this work.

For nationwide indexes to other family history periodicals, see the "Periodicals" section of the United States Research Outline (30972.) For nationwide indexes to some of these and other family history periodicals, see:

Periodical Source Index (PERSI). 31+vols. Ft. Wayne, Indiana: Allen County Public Library Foundation, 1986–. (Family History Library fiche 6016863 [set of 40] [1847–1985]; fiche 6016864 [set of 15] [1986–1990].) This indexes over 1.1 million articles in over 5,000 English-language and French Canadian family history periodicals. For further instructions, see the Periodical Source Index on microfiche (PERSI). For easier-to-use, more complete computer editions of the index, see:

Periodical Source Index CD-ROM. Orem, Utah: Ancestry, and the Allen County Public Library Foundation, 1997. (Family History Library compact disc no.61.) This disc does not circulate to Family History Centers. It merges all 31+ volumes into one index.

"Periodical Source Index Search." In [Internet site]. [Orem, Utah]: Ancestry, 1999. Available at This online database is available only to members for a subscription fee.

For more family history periodicals, study the Place Search of the Family History Library Catalog under: