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Kalmar County was created with the County organization of 1634, but did not have its current borders until the 1700’s. In many ways the County was divided in two areas a northern and a southern half until the 1970’s. The northern half had Västervik as its capital with Kalmar city as a capital for the southern half.

Kalmar County belongs to Småland Province.

The county letter for Kalmar is: H


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  • Kalmar Word List


  • Aspelands härad
  • Handbörds härad
  • Norra Möre härad
  • Sevede härad
  • Stranda härad
  • Södra Möre härad
  • Tjusts härad
  • Tunaläns härad
  • Åkerbo härad
  • Ölands norra mots härad
  • Ölands södra mots härad


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