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Jordan Probate Records

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Inheritance transactions[edit | edit source]

Research use: These records are a good source for specific information about deceased individuals. They also provide relationships helpful in lineage linking.

Record type: Legal proceedings concerning distribution of inheritance to heirs of deceased persons. The distribution of inheritance among heirs was prescribed in great detail in Islamic law. A propertied person’s death ordinarily entailed registering his assets with the local Islamic judge [qadi], indicating the name and legacy of each inheritor along with his or her relationship with the deceased. Islamic law courts [sharia] handled litigation concerning inheritance.

Time period: early 1200 to present.

Contents: Name of deceased person, date of death, list of assets, list of heirs with relationship to deceased.

Location: At Islamic law court [sharia] archives in various cities.

Population coverage: About 20%; these records pertain to Muslims with property only.

Reliability: Excellent.[1]

References[edit | edit source]

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