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=== Probate Records  ===
[[Portal:Norway|'''''Norway''''']] &gt; '''''[[Hordaland County, Norway|Hordaland County]] &gt;&nbsp;Jondal''''' <br>
= Family History Resources  =
1695-1881: Records are found in [[Hardanger og Voss|Hardanger og Voss]] judicial district. <br><br>Return to [[Hordaland County, Norway|Hordaland County]] <br><br>Return to [[Portal:Norway|Norway portal]]
==== Cemeteries  ====
==== Censuses  ====
==== Community Web Sites  ====
==== Libraries  ====
==== Military  ====
==== Passenger Lists ====

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Probate Records[edit | edit source]

1695-1881: Records are found in Hardanger og Voss judicial district.

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