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Established: 1887  
Established: 1887  
Agency: [[Jicarilla_Indian_Agency_(New_Mexico)|Jicarilla Agency]]
Agency: [[Jicarilla Indian Agency (New Mexico)|Jicarilla Agency]]  
Tribe: [[Jicarilla Apache Nation, New Mexico|Jicarilla Apache]]  
Tribe: [[Jicarilla Apache Nation, New Mexico|Jicarilla Apache]]  
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Catagory: American Indian Reservations  
Catagory: American Indian Reservations  
Category: [[New Mexico Indian Reservations]]
Category: New Mexico Indian Reservations

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To get started in American Indian Research Bread Crumbs: United States Gotoarrow.png New Mexico Gotoarrow.png Indians of New Mexico Jicarilla Reservation

Location of reservation Jicarill Reservation is loacted in Rio Arriba and Sandoval Counties, New Mexico

Established: 1887

Agency: Jicarilla Agency

Tribe: Jicarilla Apache

Population: 1969: Tribal enrollment: 1,625 [1]


Jicarilla Apache Nation

Dulce, New Mexico

Phone: 1-575-759-3242

Web Site: http://www.jicarillaonline.com/


Brief Timeline

Additional References to the History of the Tribe and / Band


Agency Records:

Census Records:

Land Records: Tribally owned 742,315 acres.

 Web Sites


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Catagory: American Indian Reservations

Category: New Mexico Indian Reservations