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*[[FamilySearch Indexing for Jämtland, Sweden|Indexing in Jämtland]]<br>
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Jämtland County in northern Sweden lies along the Norwegian border in an area noted for mountains and forests. While the county is one of the largest in area only 112,000 people live here today (population in 2000). The county's only city, Östersund, sits on the shore of Storsjön lake about at the geographic center of the land area. Founded in the late 1700s, the city did not begin to grow until the coming of the railroad in 1879 but even now it is not a large city.

Early history

Jämtland County (spelling was Jemtland until early 1900s) consisting of Jämtland and Härjedalen provinces belonged to Norway from mid-1100s but was occupied by Sweden 1564-1571 and 1611-1612. With the Peace of Brömsebro the two provinces became part of Sweden. There has been a long
history of contention between Norway and Sweden about the area.

1645 - 1654
Jämtland province was part of Härnösands county and Härjedalen province was part of Hudiksvalls county.

1655 - 1762
Both Jämtland province and Härjedalen province were part of Gävleborgs county (occasionally called Västernorrlands county).

1762 - 1810
In 1762, Jämtland, Ångermanland and Medelpad formed a county named Västernorrland, while Härjedalen was added to Gävle County (Västernorrland county).

1810 - Present day
In 1810, Jämtland and Härjedalen became the county of Jämtland which still exists today. In addition, the county also includes Ytterhogdal parish which lies in Hälsingland province.

The county letter for Jämtland is: Z


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Jämtland has Tingslags instead of Härads. Through the years there has been variations to the Tingslag organization in Jämtland. Because of this, the Tinglsag information is found on the parish pages instead of here. Click on the parish you need in the table below.



Zielfelt, Lennart, compiler. Släkthistoriska källor för Jämtlands län.
Genealogiska Foreningen, Stockholm, 1967. (in Swedish) A comprehensive description of records, manuscripts and printed books of genealogical interest for Jämtlands län, found in various county repositories and elsewhere in Sweden and a few even in Norway and Denmark. Index of family names and place names mentioned in the document titles.

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