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The Isle of Man (Manx: Ellan Vannin), or simply Mann (Manx: Mannin), is a self-governing Crown dependency, located in the Irish Sea between Scotland; England; Ireland and Wales.

Map of the Isle of Man and surrounding countries

The Isle of Man is neither part of the United Kingdom nor the European Union.

The official languages of the Isle of Man are Manx Gaelic and English although, by the middle of the twentieth century only a few elderly native speakers remained.

National flag of the Isle of Man

The population of the Isle of Man is about 80,000. The main towns on the island are:

English Name Manx Name
Douglas Doolish
Ramsey Rhumsaa
Peel Purt ny hInshey
Laxey Laksaa
Port Erin Purt Chiarn
Casteltown Balley Chashtal


The island was inhabited as far back as the Mesolithic Period and came under Celtic influence during the Iron Age. It had a turbulent history and came under the rule of the Norse in 1079 but in 1266, Norway's King Magnus VI ceded the island to Scotland. The Isle of Man came under English control in the fourteenth century.

The head of state of the Isle of Man is the head of state of the United Kingdom, who holds the title of Lord of Mann and is represented on the island by a Lieutenant Governor. The country's government, Tynwald, thought to have been founded in 979, is one of the oldest established governments in Europe.

Getting started with Isle of Man research

Jurisdictions (Parishes)

  1. Andreas
  2. Arbory
  3. Ballaugh
  4. Braddan (includes Douglas)
  5. Bride
  6. German (includes Peel)
  7. Jurby
  8. Lezayre
  9. Lonan (includes Laxey)
  10. Malew (includes Castletown)
  11. Marown
  12. Maughold (includes Ramsey)
  13. Michael
  14. Onchan
  15. Patrick
  16. Rushen
  17. Santon

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Did you know?

  • Since 1417, Tynwald Day, July 5th, has been the National Day on the Isle of Man. Only on this day does the Isle's legislature meet in St. Johns rather than its usual meeting place in the capital Douglas.

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